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oh well.

As my profile bio tells, I'm a vintage 1982, native to Austria (Central Europe, there's no wild kangaroos here), a father, a husband, and interested in quite a many a things (in no particular order): Parenting, Linux, Music (Metal, Jazz, Pop, Rap,...), Writing, Reading, Playmobil, Gardening, Cooking, AI, crafting shit, tiny houses, History, Georgraphy, Physics, Languages/Linguistics, Geology.

Don't bother me with made up stuff. (Religion etc.)

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Hey journalist folks: anyone want to moderate a SXSW panel on "AI, bots and bias"? The panel is already approved, but they're missing a moderator. So if any journalist in the space is planning to be at SXSW and wants to moderate, reach out...


Geht es nach der Bundesregierung, so ist die Nutzung von #TOR künftig eine Straftat.
Da TOR-Nutzer in einem freiheitlich-demokratischen Staat nur Kriminelle sein können, muss ein Gesetz her.

Ich habe mich schon gewundert, wo der nächste Schritt bleibt. Erst machen sie das Web zu einer Kommerz- und Überwachungs-Plattform und dann wird alles andere unter Strafe gestellt.
#itoldyouso 😿

Wer das Darknet verbieten möchte, hat was ganz Grundlegendes nicht verstanden und sollte vielleicht selbst aufgrund der Gefährdung von diesem Ding namens Freiheit abgeschafft werden.

"Open Source at Microsoft" is the equivalent of a solar panel on top of a #BP #oil rig.

Shadows crawled across the living room's length
I held on to you with a desperate strength
With everything, with everything in me

Damn you again Star Trek writers. I wanted to workout, not cry! AGAIN!

okay you dipshit, so you didn't consent to being conceived/born.
It's called a gift.
You don't want it?
Return/Destroy it.
Oh, your life is great? You don't want to kill yourself or be killed?

You don't want kids? Don't have any.
Life ain't that hard!
For the love of the gods, don't make a movement out of everything!

" "?
As opposed to what?
Tell me packaging. TELL ME!
"Real Food Ingredients" implies something opposite of real. or food. or ingredients. or any mixture of those three.

Jesus GMO Christ...

Sadly, the DNT setting doesn't live up to its name. Its intent is promising but it leaves you vulnerable as companies aren’t obligated to honor the DNT signal.

Reclaim your privacy & block trackers now w/the DuckDuckGo browser extension & mobile app.

Original tweet:

ZDF Neo, Terra X - Die Qualität dieser Sendung ist himmelschreiend schlecht. Faktuell derart neben den Tatsachen, oder absichtlich ambivalent gehalten, dass es mir die Zehennägel aufrollt. 😖😡

judgingly the stares into your through the golden , the on his furthering his authority to preside over your - whatever it may be. is radiating from his , the ambivalently vacant .
You know, as you are consumed by the gaze of this statuette, that you done fucked up, while your soul is slowly through your and is, drop by drop, carried to in ...

"Leaving Facebook makes people happier but less informed" ( - Who conducted this survey, the Zuckerberg Foundation?? How are people LESS informed because of Facebook??

Canada's Bell Tried To Have VPNs Banned During NAFTA Negotiations

The goal, as we've seen in China and countless other countries, is to ban VPN use without making it explicitly clear you're banning VPN use. The deeper goal is always the same: less privacy and online freedom for users who use such tools to dodge surveillance or other, even dumber government policies.

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