@socialskeleton If you do I suggest starting with some visual/usability mods

@yogthos Remember, the only people telling you horror stories about Chinese Reeducation Camps...

(Irrelevant comparison, I know. Just reminded me of it.)

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Mischaracterization of an individual is an injustice regardless of your differences.
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@Olivia hook me up to that gameboy transfer cable life

What if ive spent my entire life pushing off the things that i truly want to do, assuming that eventually my "real" life would begin, when in reality that WAS my real life, and its... gone. wasted. doomed to be forgotten. another grain of sand on the beach of existence, washed out to sea by the relentless tides of time. im just a meaningless blip of procrastination and unrealized potential in the vast but forgotten annals of human history.... wait.

I have homework due tomorrow.


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