We need articles! If you'd be willing to volunteer to write an article on any aspect of creativity, geekery, writing, or inspiration from science/history/etc, please do get in touch. We can only take writers on a volunteer basis, but we do provide editing & writing feedback & you're welcome to plug projects/patreons at the end of an article.

Please get in touch if you'd be interested or have ideas!

Any s v appreciated too :)

@eloisa Our articles section tends to be mostly focused on hints, tips, inspiration, etc - we do have other parts of the site for posting poems/creative work and getting feedback - but we will happily look at and consider creative submissions like poems too :)

The submission notes are here:

@ExilianOfficial I could probably contribute something related to medicine but I'm not entirely clear what you're looking for..?


These are our general guidelines:

And our archives might give ideas too:

I guess the particular things we're looking for in your sort of area are either articles with the "ooh I didn't know that" factor (obscure is a plus not a minus) and articles with an inspiration factor that might be of interest to creative audiences in particular.

Does that help at all?

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