Special new article by @JubalBarca for World Pangolin Day, as his "An Unexpected Bestiary" series does an extra-length special just on pangolins, their folklore, and how to use them in creative settings:


It's not long until February the 14th! And of course that means the day everyone's been waiting for... Saints' Cyril and Methodius Day!

If for whatever reason you feel like you need an alternative to what the world thinks you should be doing on Feb 14th, do celebrate Cyril & Methodius Day, a festival of languages, writing and learning, with us :) As ever we'll be doing charity fundraising for the event as well.

More information here:

Also, tiny pixel pangolin (which will probably go super blurred at Masto image view scale):

Our creative competition is now ended! You can see the results here, and more importantly check out our little showcase of entries, which were all responses to the theme "candle" in a range of different ways!


If you want to help test @JubalBarca's game The Exile Princes, a warband-gathering RPG where you explore a strange fantasy world with graphics based on medieval manuscripts, check the link below for details - it's just gone into closed beta testing:

The more the merrier/boosts appreciated!

Issue 32 of our Updates from the Forge newsletter is now out! It covers free creative resources, tabletop and PC game development projects, and a song about porcupine evolution, among other things. Please do have a read:


Happy (late) New Year, fediverse!

We will try and keep tooting regularly this year, though we're really stretched for people so we apologise in advance if there are breaks. Please talk to us when we pop up, we may be an official organisation-y account but we do like to be talked to.

Best wishes to all of you. Do creativity, do geekery, boost independent-made content, be yourselves, be kind, and we hope 2019 is good to all of you. :)

We have a new article out! This is part three of Jubal's "An Unexpected Bestiary" series, which looks at different obscure animals, their cultural impact, and their lives, for use in setting design or just for interest! If you're a , , or just interested in cute , this might be up your street:


Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it from all of us at Exilian!

Here's some squirrels that have found the mysterious SNOW ORB OF HAPPINESS and want to share it with you all :)

The fantasy visual novel TALES FROM WINDY MEADOW, by our friends at Moral Anxiety Studios, has been released!

A slice of life interactive tale focusing on the characters' choices, dreams and anxieties rather than on adventure or romance, Tales from Windy Meadow follows three young people growing up in a small community in a dangerous fantasy world and the issues, both big and small, that they face along the way.

Read more here:

Our friends at Moral Anxiety Studios are releasing their game TALES FROM WINDY MEADOW tomorrow. It's a story-driven choose your own adventure where you guide three young characters through making sense of growing up in their fantasy world. Choosing between security and happiness, dreams and realities, you must decide their story and their futures.

The game's steam page is here:

(Also, you can win a copy of the game in our Christmas competition!
exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php? )

We're having a winter creative competition on the theme "candle" where you can present any sort of creative response to the theme and, if the judges like it, win an excellent prize! We'll also be showcasing all the entries together once the competition ends to show the fantastic range of things people have come up with.

More details here:

We've been struggling for volunteers in recent months and we're likely to need to reduce our operations in 2019, so we're doing a survey to ask folk what they see of our content and what we should look at mothballing/reducing - boosts and all responses appreciated (whether or not you currently look at any of our stuff):


Our latest newsletter, Updates from the Forge issue 31, is now ready to read - go check it out to find out about independent small-scale creative and projects :)


Our latest article, the second in our "Forgotten Realms" series, takes a dive in to the eighth century BC and southeastern Iberia, where a fusion between Green and Punic trading culture and a mineral-rich local population gave rise to one of the most intriguing and mysterious states of antiquity - Tartessos!


Our friends at A Bunch of Hacks, a lovely game studio, are Kickstartering their first game, Epicinium!

Epicnium is a strategy wargame with environmental mechanics and scoring - a game is worth points depending on the state of the surviving world, and the requirements of war must be balanced with the dangers of pollution and global warming.

Is victory worth it, after all, if all you have to rule is mud and craters?

Check it out:

Please do have a read of our latest newsletter, Updates from the Forge issue 30! (And let us know what you think - feedback always appreciated!)

This time featuring a boardgame kickstarter, a webcomic, free resources for creative projects, and much more besides :)


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