A nice geek-music song from our YT channel - setting some lyrics to the classic theme song for Age of Empires II :)



Tamanduas are majestic and fluf.

Thank you, please carry on with your day.

How do you design a game that encompasses all of human history? In our most recent article, rbuxton tries to find out as he takes on what may be game design's greatest challenge:


Indie and hobbyist , , and more in our latest newsletter, Updates from the Forge issue 28!

Please do let us know what you think, we're always keen to get feedback and try to make the newsletter more useful to people :)


Our latest article is entitled 'A Cartload of Cartography 1: Ancient & Medieval Maps'!

In it, geographer Tar-Palantir talks you through various forms and styles of maps in the ancient world, why they were developed, and how you might use this when making your own maps for gaming, writing, and other setting design activities. :)

Read on:

Our latest Updates from the Forge newsletter - issue 26 - is out! Please do have a read :)

This month, we have updates from three devs including @silverspookgames and @JubalBarca, an announcement of a cool monster designing contest from a friend of our community, and the announcement that we're organising chain writing this summer!

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Folk of Mastodon - meet Updates from the Forge, issue 25!


This month we have , PC , resources, and more besides - do check it out, please boost to support the great independent creators in the newsletter, and do let us know what you think :)

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Updates from the Forge 24 is out! Our monthly newsletter, this month we cover the release of Whovian adventure game LIFE, dev updates from three more game projects (including two new ones), and some poetry :) Do take a look, and let us know what you think - all feedback is appreciated.


New write-up thread from @JubalBarca. "Gold and Salt: A Trip to Salzburg".

If you're interested in , and/or the of central Europe, do have a read!


A new sculpting/art project from one of our members - find out how this was made & how to get a dragon to guard your cress! :)


What extra stuff would you like to see coming from this account? Should we toot older stuff from our articles section more? What about geek music & talks from our YT content? We could also plug more of where you can post your own projects/things on our site, but don't know if that'd be useful or annoying.

Thoughts (and boosts so we can get more thoughts) appreciated :)

Our latest article, "Axes and Arithmetic 1: Percentages and Probability", is the first in a new series where @JubalBarca will be explaining mathematical concepts through practical examples from gaming, wargaming, and game design. Take a look:


Kickstarter highlight, especially for those who like adventure games in their : UNICORN DUNGEON, an absurd comedy point and click following a brave (ish) knight on a quest to find a noble unicorn!

Take a look at the Kickstarter:

And the Exilian thread:

Our latest newsletter, Updates from the Forge #23, is out :) With , , , , and more, this is not an issue to be missed! Discover some great projects and get the news on what we've been doing this month here:

Our latest , "The Bones of Earth 4: Making Maps", covers some basic ideas for the layout of fantasy maps and settings as inspiration for or work :)


If you'd be interested in volunteering to write an article for us about any sort of geekery or creativity, please give us a shout - we're always looking for more people interested in writing things, and can provide full editing support :)

Given there's an influx of new people on Masto, an to this account again - we're Exilian, based at exilian.co.uk, we're a communally owned geeky-creative group which aims to support geeky creativity in all its forms!

This account will be tooting on topics from history to sci-fi, random cute , and updates about the Exilian community generally. If that sounds good, please do follow us :)


We should probably be tooting interesting stuff, but we still have a fairly tired and ill toot-operator, so you get this sleepy quoll instead.

Quolls are pretty cool.

If you didn't see our Exilian Day bonus , now's time for a read! It's An Unexpected Bestiary: The Second Parchment, in which Jubal looks at seven more weird and wonderful real animals, with notes on their biology, mythology, and how they can be used in creative works!


(And yes, that photo is of a real animal!)

The Exilian web community is a grand TEN YEARS OLD TODAY! :)

Please of course do drop by the forum and say hi, or let us know what you've most enjoyed about what we do and publish: we'd super appreciate it!


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