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Terminus Cyberstar city is really starting to come together!
Here's a progress video showcasing the new buildings, interiors, characters and music! There will be a stream from this channel around 2 or 3 PM MST (Aaron Victoria is the project's head coder and producer, I am content director)
#cyberpunk #indiedev #indiegame

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Hey guys, as always:

Remember that the people working retail are humans,

That the things that annoyed you in the store were almost certainly not their fault,

That if they’re ringing register, they probably can’t change corporate policy,

and that they are PEOPLE and deserving of your consideration and respect.

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My #Introduction is that I'm a former academic (ABD) and I've been the humanities major in the IT dept. for over 20 years now. Of late I've been doing a lot of research and writing on the highly obscure topic of the history of the steel (dip) pen industry in the US. This includes schools of penmanship, other writing implements, the stories of the manufacturers and the brands they made. It's a bit of US industrial history that has never been researched. My rough drafts: thesteelpen.com/

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I'm struck by a question I never thought I'd have to ask.

What am I going to do with my #cybredeck?

Like, what features should I build in to it? What should I optimize for? Whats the most cybrepunk//solarpunk shit you can do with a computer today?


Courtesy of Flanders and Swann, there is indeed:


(Advance warning, it's kind of sad. But also adorable).

@aldersprig I may now need to listen to the Armadillo Song again.

@AAAndrew Oh right! A boost is like a retweet on twitter or a share on bookface, it shows a post to all your followers. Favourite just bookmarks it for yourself (either one lets the original poster know you've done so).

@AAAndrew Think "expand" just shows you the status + replies in full in a different column? Not sure though.

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As a former student of Ancient Chinese Art History who's now doing amateur research in 19th-century US topics, I could use some help.

I'm looking for scholars of US American industrial history, especially of the 19th-century. NY and New England especially. I have questions.

I'm also looking for scholars of 19th-century American social history to help me understand the craze for lotteries and sweepstakes that ran through the US mid-century.


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@GwenfarsGarden Yes - it's definitely an interesting possibility, and it'll be interesting to see if more archaeology sheds light on the idea in the coming years.

Here's a more full/specialist article elsewhere on the linguistic side of the Celtic links if that's of interest:

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Lately my history and literature studies kept making me read the word "bios" (greek for "life") and every single time I've just read "basic input output system" and it's a hard life out there as a computer nerd philologist

This looks a useful resource, an attempt to create an overview/encyclopaedia of adventure game puzzles:


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"Explain sleep."

"You lie down until you pass out from boredom - sometimes there’s hallucinations - then you're interrupted by the most penetrating noise engineered by sadists, at which point you need to remind your body how to work and try not to think about the several hours you were vulnerable and basically useless."

"Should I avoid sleep?"

"Enh, some people like it, maybe you'll be one of them."

"Alright. Downloading Sleep-Protocols."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi

Our latest article, the second in our "Forgotten Realms" series, takes a dive in to the eighth century BC and southeastern Iberia, where a fusion between Green and Punic trading culture and a mineral-rich local population gave rise to one of the most intriguing and mysterious states of antiquity - Tartessos!



These are our general guidelines:

And our archives might give ideas too:

I guess the particular things we're looking for in your sort of area are either articles with the "ooh I didn't know that" factor (obscure is a plus not a minus) and articles with an inspiration factor that might be of interest to creative audiences in particular.

Does that help at all?

@muz This is pretty similar to the situation for us - we've always had a really small user base on our website, but we've lasted ten years because it offers a nice community that does what those people want and they keep coming back :)

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