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Office bio lifehack

Tired of long meetings at work?

1. Breach the meeting room before the meeting starts
2. Place lots of water bottles at each seat
3. Wait for the meeting

Don't underestimate how fast problems can be solved under pressure.

The EU reform threatens Free and Open Source Software. Sign the open letter and !

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For those of you visiting the #linuxwochen in #vienna: I'll give a short introduction to #jails on #freebsd this Friday at 15:00. I'll try to keep it both basic and interesting at the same time. :-)

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TIL: #OpenSSL disables TLS protocol version when a selected set of ciphers doesn't contain at least one cipher supporting that protocol version.

Had a nice bug hunt today where haproxy only provided TLSv1.2 despite being configured for version >=1.0. Took me an hour just to even think about the cipher list.

On a related note: I hate legacy mail clients.

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BSDStammtisch Vienna/Austria Episode 0x03, taking place on Tuesday 2018-04-10, from 19:00 local time.

All the details:

Topic is Backups and what could possibly go wrong as well as Show and Tell to briefly introduce helpful CLI/GUI/Web tools and services to others. You'll be surprised how many people haven't yet discovered what probably seems obvious to you. No need to prepare anything, just friendly chatting. Any conference, recording, tool, website, book is welcome!

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No email this morning... Wait, my home server is down!... Hurry back home, the server is off. Boot it... check the logs: "7:06am : Power key pressed". My threat model is a 2yo kid. 😣

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A minor update on working with #jails on #FreeBSD: Allowing sysvipc is much nicer (and seemingly safer) in FreeBSD-11 and onwards:

Thanks to @harald for pointing this out!

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#storytime I'm requesting a letter of invitation for BSDCan which reminds me of my first trip to Canada. I traveled to Calgery for c2k15 and entered the country in Toronto.
Border Guard: Why are you coming to Canada?
Me: Vacation & Conference
BG: What kind of conference
Me: Computer Science
BG: Yeah? What are you working on?
Me: Operating system
BG: Oh you are here for the OpenBSD hackathon. Welcome to Canada.
M: 😳 😊

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Here are some notes on a talk on #jails on #FreeBSD I've given a week ago at the @bsdstammtisch in Vienna.

The post tries to cover the very basics of jails, jail networking and thin jails using only base system tools, so there's no iocage, ezjail or other magic stuff. I hope to get to more elaborate topics at some point in the future.

Feedback is - of course - always welcome!

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The show notes of our last @bsdstammtisch are now available on their website.

Lot's of jail stuff, many other handy tools you may be interested in!

Drop by when you're in Vienna! The next meeting will be on 2018-04-10, 19:00

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OH karu @bsdstammtisch: You can do this with UFS as well, it just looks nicer with ZFS, because *everything* looks nicer with ZFS. - On the topic of thin provisioning and sharing the base system with jails to save storage space on your jail host.

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Our upcoming meeting in Vienna/Austria will be all about the jails 'bout the jails.

2018-03-13, 19:00, at Technical University.

Location details, public transport info, etc. on our website!

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@mwlucas *types angrily* SSH Mastery 2e simply fails to meet the standards set by the author's previous erotic work. The whole book is full of technical details! 2/5

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You are cordially invited to participate!

BSDStammtisch WIEN (Vienna/Austria) 0x01:
Tuesday 2018-02-13, 19:00
at Operngasse 9, 1040 Wien.

- Automation with Ansible
- Show and Tell: Show us your quick tips for CLI tools, GUI, services in 5'
- Drinks & chat

Every person interested in *BSD is welcome!

Setting up an server was much simpler than expected. But having to use instead of doesn't feel so nice.

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Birdsite but do read this thread. It's freaking important.

This reeks racket. Pay us to deliver email or it will be silently dropped - no, not spam filtered just dropped. As someone who self-hosts email I can only say that letting things like that happen essentially kills email as a decentralized service.

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Sometimes I resent my past self for trying to be overly clever. I apparently once thought it wise to mess with #firefox internals and treat unreachable OCSP-servers as an error condition in #TLS connections. Well, right now *'s OCSP server uri ( returns a 404 and I was left wondering why my default profile was the only one complaining.


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