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Jubal Barca @JubalBarca@mastodon.at

This morning it just hit me that basically all my "relaxation" things in life have become difficult and/or stressful obligations and none of them are even going well and I don't know what to do about it. :/

Politics, re the "US as failed state" takes: Show more

It's , so here is a pangolin for you all! :)

Pangolins, apart from being adorable balls of scalyfluff, are also super endangered, die easily in captivity & are the most trafficked mammal group worldwide - please, as well as cooing over cute pictures today, put money aside (if you have enough) for conservation efforts, and/or write to your legislators & ask what they're doing to help curb the trade.

Doing some small small good in the world, just got a motion I wrote (mirroring US sanctuary city policies) passed at UK's Y'Lib conference:

"Motion 3 - to prevent general public services from reporting undocumented immigrants using their services to border security - has been passed! "

It's not much, but it's something. :)

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Early on in "The Hobbit", Tolkien briefly mentions that, before she married Bungo Baggins, Bilbo's mother Belladonna Took would go on wild adventures with her two "remarkable" sisters.

I think that would be a prequel I'd be interested in seeing.

Happy Cyril & Methodius Day, everyone! :)

(If you want to find out what on earth I'm on about, a guide is available here: exilian.co.uk/forum/index.php?)

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Happy Cyril & Methodius Day! :)

Pancakes! (this time with a picture/interesting info & without emotional guff): Show more

Pancakes and feelings: Show more

Update: I got food. I should make pancakes now, it is pancake day. (Though in Austria "krapfen" seem to be the main thing for shrove Tuesday, which upon inspection turn out to be apricot jam doughnuts).

Someone persuade me to go into the cold and get food

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Tomorrow is CYRIL AND METHODIUS DAY 2018! And we've just launched our traditional annual charity fundraiser:

We're hoping to beat last year's total of £200 raised for Room to Read - any donation, however small, is very welcome :)

If you want to find out more about Cyril & Methodius Day, take a look here:

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RT @BrennanLM@twitter.com: Hey gang, Ozymandias here! Thanks as always for looking on my works, and if you liked what you saw don't forget to click "Despair!"

I need to have another crack at the horror programming which always makes me feel like I'm terrible at my job, today :( Wish me luck, mastodon.

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If you can volunteer to contribute an article to our articles section on an aspect of geekery, academia, or creativity that you love, please let us know - we're always happy to have more writers, & provide friendly help with language & editing skills too :)

Find out more here:

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I’m visiting my parents. They’ve just been on holiday and brought me back a carved elephant, which they left in my bedroom to surprise me.

I mentally classified it as “object that does not belong to me” and forgot I’d seen it until the next day.

I totally ignored the elephant in the room.

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Our article for this week is by @JubalBarca again - it's "Realms of Myth: Somalia", and tells you some of the reasons why Somali myths and legends are fascinating and worth exploring further!


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🎨 maybe you create art, photography, design, using software like #krita #gimp #ardour #blender, #darktable, #mypaint #inkscape

🎼 ...and music using #ardour #lmms #kxstudio #hydrogen #puredata or distros like #ubuntustudio

📝 ...or when writing stories your tools to go are #plume #libreoffice or #zim

📽 Maybe you make films and animation with #kdenlive #pitivi #synfig

🎮 ...or make games with #godot or #twine

🛠 You might be using tools like #robocut #openCAD #processing or #arduino to create your art or design of any form

🎪 or simply creating art using traditional mediums, doing work in performance art, circus arts or theatre, using any of the above or others to create or document your work.

are you an artist or creative in the most generic sense of the word, and use #FOSS / #FLOSS / #OpenSource software as part of your workflow?

consider tagging your works with
🐧 #artWithOpenSource tag and check out the tag for works by your fellow mastodon artists who also prefer Open Sourced alternatives.

(sibling tags of interest: #linuxartists #flossart #libreMonday and #creativeCommons )

#Mastoart #photography #creativeToots #gamedev #art

Also, queries/chatter/thoughts appreciated of course :)