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Since is over, here's a repost of the song I wrote for its protagonist family a few years ago...

(Nb, I've not actually seen the TV show much, I'm a books-only fan and just jumping on the brief bandwagon of chatter about it!)

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See you on Monday!

This weekend I'll be reading: Under A Yellow Sun, Freedom or Death, and Tales from Earthsea

🗓️ Today is #InternetDay in most Hispanic countries and I would like to toast for the existence of #mastodon 🍷 ¡Salud!


Prosopography workshop about to start! I won't toot from the first session as I'm co-chairing it! Eep!

To shove some public academia out there: the meeting I'm at for the next two days is on , aka how to store and analyse miscellaneous data about past people! Prosopography is usually a term used for ancient & medieval up to early modern work, where there's relatively few really well documented people. These meetings will be about looking at connecting up different databases and how we put them together :)

(Questions welcome!)

I'm in London! And the people whose workshop I'm doing booked me a hotel which is nice (literally this is the first time I've ever checked into a proper hotel). I now need to go pretend to be a better academic than I feel like I am...

Also apparently this hotel offers you a free meal on your first night there which I have to miss out on to go to a not-free work dinner, so as a grad student I hereby exercise my right to gripe about the lack of free food.

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I would just upload the CIVS software onto webspace I already have, but I'm fairly sure I'd need an actual virtual server for it not just cloud hosting, and I don't have access to that. So I'm looking for people who'd be interested in helping either with tech or with organising/fundraising to keep such a project going in the medium term. I'm happy to commit some funds and can probably do the setup OK, but I can't bankroll the whole thing or shoulder all the maintenance work.

OK, this is a "boosts needed" post, please boost this if you see it. At least one organisation I'm involved in has a major problem in that it runs online and needs to be able to ballot members, and just about all the easy services for doing so aren't GDPR compliant.

Would anyone be interested in clubbing together to try and run a Euro-side, compliant server of CIVS or a similar e-voting system that could be used by community groups, activist orgs, and so on?

Impulse purchase of today. I have named it მცენარე and it is blobsome and cute.

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