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Image from page 183 of "Hartford, Conn., as a manufacturing, business and commercial center; with brief sketches of its history, attractions, leading industries, and institutions .." (1889)

Went for a walk in a nearby park and found this wee little door in a tree. It has working hinges and there's a large hollow in the tree behind it. In hindsight it was quite rude of me to open it up and peak inside without knocking. Where were my manners?

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Updated my commission sheet. Any shares would be massively appreciated.

Sketch Portraits £50

Stylized Busts
Lined £20 | Flat £30 | Shaded £40

Half Body
Lined £30 | Flat £40 | Shaded £50

Full Body
Lined £40 | Flat £50 | Shaded £60

Complex Background (buildings, plants etc.)
Lined £30 | Flat £40 | Shaded £50

NSFW Friendly: I reserve the right to refuse a request without giving a reason.

Contact me via direct message or

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New song (well, finally-recorded-after-six-years song) by @JubalBarca, this is "The Falcon Knight" a song for the Arryns from George R R Martin's works:

And another! This from @JubalBarca as well on our Exilian Media YT channel, it's an original sea shanty style song called "Salt Horses":

It's kinda been hammered into me what a different world landlords live in by the fact that my new landlord keeps ignoring emails from me. These emails are *asking him where to pay the rent to*. I haven't paid rent for three months because he hasn't confirmed his bank details to allow me to.

I mean, I assume he's busy etc. But the fact that the world contains people who are busy enough that they can afford to ignore losing most of a thousand euros a month in lost income...!?

Having to enforce (albeit just in the form of a written warning, this time round) the ToS Section 3 of the web community I chair - which is the anti hate speech section - for the first time in possibly ever, in case this day wasn't bad enough :/


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A lot of my followers are cis and into software privacy/FOSS so I just want to make it crystal clear that a software dev placing limitations on its use for fascist behaviour is good and not in any way against free software, because a fundamental responsibility of the free-as-in-libre ethos is to *protect & help the oppressed*, and that is itself *in direct opposition to fascism*.

Protests against suspending parliament taking place across the UK right now:


I'm going to add my own sparkled to ViCorva's.

People who boost promo toosts for creators are amazing wonderful creatures and make the world go 'round.

💖 ✨ ✨ ✨ 💖

People who boost promo toots for creators are magical creatures and as such here are sparkles for anyone who boosts someone else's project ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

"Are there any monsters under my bed?" she asked.
"No monsters/None," came the replies.
"Then what are you?"
"Eaters/We eat."
"Eat what?"
"Toes/Feet/Anything sticking out"
"I still have all my toes."
"Well/We wouldn't/Not monsters."
"So what do you eat?"
"... socks."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Trying to work out what the "philosophical" trait for companion characters should do in this computer RPG. It's nice and easy to write dialogue lines for, but thinking of practical effects for it is trickier.


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