Dragons carry away a child from a local village, and everyone writes them off as dead. A decade later, a stranger arrives, claiming to be the lost child. They even brought the dragons to prove it.
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"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

Don't forget: you can have markets without capitalism.

Nice language things: in Georgian terms for parts of the body, the palm is called khelisguli - formed of kheli (hand) + guli (heart), so it's literally the heart of the hand which I think is really nice :)

Finally launched the kickstarter for a book of my illustrated haiku poems! It's like my passion-project, so any pledges/shares are super appreciated. Also, check out the page if you want to watch a video of my battling being camera-shy/curbing my gesticulation.
Here's the final cover I designed by the way.
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Saw this absolute sweetie recently - not the best picture on a technical level, but one of the most personable small mammal pictures I've taken to date:

Yesterday @hafnia was talking about true facts that seem fake and I think the one I'd most like to share is:

However you are using language is almost certainly fine. You have been made to feel inadequate by powerful people telling you they're right and everyone else is wrong but language is democratic: we all know best what's best for us and we're already using it. The suitability of different kinds of language for different contexts is a big strength, not a weakness.

Two bagpipers just walked outside my window, playing loudly as they walked. This would be a mildly interesting occurrence in, say, Scotland, but I must admit I really wasn't expecting it in a fairly quiet residential district of Frankfurt.

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Heya everybody! Just a friendly reminder that the due date for #TalesFromTheFediverse is next week! If you, for whatever reason, can't make the deadline, just tell me, and don't worry, there's always next issue (if and once I announce it). If you need *just* a wee bit more time to finish, also tell me, just know that *at the very latest*, I need it in by the end of the month.

If you're not contributing, the comic'll be out on May 5th!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Since the client has seen and approved all three commissions, I wanted to show them together as the set!

These young animals will be adorning the nursery of her newborn son. :)

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Latest article from us is an interview with Stormwell of Utherwald Press, designer of RPG setting books, about his projects! His main work is the dieselpunk setting primer Frozen Skies for the Savage Worlds RPG system - we discuss rules, inspiration, process, upcoming ideas, and more:


Another bird from - I'm fairly sure this is a common buzzard, though my ability at raptor ID isn't great. Not sure how well you get the scale from this, but it's probably got a metre and a bit wingspan, it's a seriously decent size bird and pretty majestic :)


<< Fun fact: You can make any Wikipedia article dystopian by changing it to the past tense. >>

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