Special new article by @JubalBarca for World Pangolin Day, as his "An Unexpected Bestiary" series does an extra-length special just on pangolins, their folklore, and how to use them in creative settings:


I did an academia :) Organised my first academic event this week, a hackathon on prosopography - couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of people, and coming from as far as Taiwan, California, etc too which is cool.

We got good work done too - especially excited about some ideas for providing authoritative links between online prosopographies, and machine learning stuff to hunt for places and people in Arabic & Greek texts.

Here's me talking in the wrap up session:

Also, if anyone is in a position to donate, we're doing a little Cyril and Methodius Day fundraiser for the childrens' reading charity Room to Read:


Happy Cyril and Methodius Day, everyone!

Enjoy this day of writing and languages and cool stuff like that, brought to you by the brothers from Thessalonike who invented the Glagolitic alphabet :)

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>"So if you want to spend Feb 14 learning languages or talking to people from other countries or just reading a book, ..."

Those are some of my top favorite activities! 🙂
(although I haven't studied any languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet)


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"nom de guerre" is when you eat during a battle. I didn't make the rules

Trying to make a Mastodon Pokedex! Reply with the Pokemon you identify as, one per person, first come first served. Boosts+!

This is a tree without a trunk! It's salix arctica, the arctic willow. As far North as you can still find land, you can find these trees creeping across the tundra.

Technically, it's a shrub and not a tree at all, but it's a close relative of the willow trees that grow all across the northern hemisphere.

Regular trees can't grow so far north, because of the lack of moisture and severe cold. Salix arctica manages by creeping along the ground, and it can grow as wide as true trees are tall.

I want to live in a society where becoming elderly and needing help isn't seen negatively. Where using a hearing aid, or moving into a residential community, isn't seen as 'giving up', but making the most of technology and services so you have less stress and can enjoy your old age.

You all are such incredibly tough people, it blows me away.

So many of you wake up every day and envision a better future and drag it kicking and screaming into reality while society just dumps shit on you for just trying to live who you are on the inside on the outside too.

I know you didn't choose to be badasses, but you all are badasses.

Very tired and have had a bad tendonitis/rsi/stress problems flareup so sorry if I'm not around much for a bit, doing most stuff is quite painful/tiring atm so I'm saving energy for work and bigger projects as best I can.

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