Account transfer coming up, goodbye to!

Aaaah I need to get off this instance before it closes and I still don't have the mental energy or space to work out where to take myself and Exilian next :(

Also curses I really really need to move my account pronto before shuts :/

going between countries minus 

"You are our God's Chosen One," the robed figures said.
"Er... Which god?"
The robed figures shuffled their feet and looked around.
"Our God is a minor water deity. Of the pond in the park."
"Oh. And the chosen one would?"
"Lead the Cleansing."
"Of rubbish. From the pond."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

i guess cw πŸ’Ώ 🐴 is happening again 

Just because it's new year's eve does not mean you have to go out and do stuff, nor be social.


I'm not really sure how to promote myself. If you've enjoyed my work, and have ever felt the urge to throw some coin at me, I now have a Patreon.

I reveal the filename of the individual story and sometimes have additional notes/thoughts about them too. It's all completely free there, if you wish to check it out. I haven't thought of anything to actually place behind a subscription.

Here's the link, thanks for your time and interest!

Masto dev posting, accessibility? 

Sustainable, off-grid living +- 

So, um, I just notice from @Support that my instance is going to shut down in Feb 2020.

Anyone want to make suggestions for hosting me and @ExilianOfficial in future? Or advice on how difficult/easy it may be to start a new instance, as Exilian could host one on its server?

I was at a conference in France this weekend - generally the less said about how things have been lately the better given UKpol news, but I did see this starling and got a nice photo of how shiny it was.

All right little ones gather round

I'm gonna tell you a festive story about someone who was misunderstood and hated

He has a red nose

And little antlers

And his name is Darth Maul

UK politics, help getting to polling stations 

Austrias constitutional court just declared government spyware and indiscriminate license plate mass-surveillance as unconstitutional and invalid! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚πŸ’ͺ We fought these surveillance laws for years. Today is a good day for privacy!

You MUST play AI Dungeon 2, a text adventure game run by a neural net.

@nickwalton00 built it using @OpenAI's huge GPT-2-1.5B model, and it will respond reasonably to just about anything you try. Such as eating the moon.

For images, why has the bit where you can just click on the image to add the caption rather than having to open a whole new dialog disappeared from the web UI? (Or am I just not finding it?)

Making it more work to use the basic accessibility features seems a somewhat backward step around here.

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