My latest game is in closed beta testing! It's a turn-based RPG with limited graphics that are based on medieval manuscript images and randomised world generation so every game is a bit different. You play as one of four houses, each with a different playstyle, and you can choose more questing, politics or warfare focused gameplay.

If you might be interested in testing it or have any questions, please fire them my way :)

A few screenshots next. Here's a picture of a normal random generated map/game screen (the full map is several screens big, you can choose 2x2 through to 5x5 screens map size at game start):

Here's a shot from the army menu, where you can check out your units, edit the battle order, disband them, etc. Every city has its own "citizen" unit, which has a further tech tree it can upgrade onto (there are about 5 different tech trees/army styles and each city the game creates picks one of them):

Water can be as important as land! This shot shows two cities, plus the player on a ship in the middle of the screen. You can move much faster across water, but finding a ship isn't always easy:

Finally, here's the battle interface: both you and the AI can have a unit (which can be the same unit) in each of the "attack" and "defence" slots. Keeping a unit "in play" saps its resilience, which eventually leads to its stats draining away as it tires. Managing that is a key party of winning battles:

@JubalBarca This looks awesome! What platform/OS is it for?

@maher I currently have a built/packaged .exe version for Windows. In theory, I think it should be runnable from the original python files on most Ubuntu/Linux type systems, I think its only major dependency is tkinter, but I haven't currently got a machine that runs linux in order to test that...

@JubalBarca Sorry for the late response – I would love to try out the Windows version. Can you send it to me?

@maher Sure, drop me an email ( james [at] wavcott [dot] org [dot] uk ) and I'll send you a download link :)

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