Hey everybody! The first issue of #TalesFromTheFediverse is now out! Thanks for the support over the past few months!
And as always: boosts are appreciated!

@David_A_Webcomic Do you mind if I set up an extra second distribution mirror as well as the dropbox link?


@David_A_Webcomic Great, courtesy of @ExilianOfficial for the webspace you can now get a copy at exilian.co.uk/projects/Fediver :)

(And the mirrored one is a couple of megabytes smaller as I ran it through a PDF cruncher!).

@David_A_Webcomic Other general thoughts, I really like the whole thing, thanks again and well done. :)

One thing though, I'm not sure how workable the font used for the interim sections which are fairly important for everyone to be able to follow is going to be for people with sight issues? It might be worth talking to someone about accessibility-end stuff like that.

Also it'd be good to have story titles as well as author names at the start/contents page in future issues :)

@JubalBarca That font is my own handwriting, so naturally, it sucks. I could definitely improve it and add more characters, but I'd have to pay to do so if I, say, actually wanted to use my own handwriting on paper. I could add scripts for the intros in a normal font next time.
Also next time I could totally do story titles in the contents page!

@David_A_Webcomic Yeah, I think I'd do the intro panels in a clearer typeface and leave the characteristic handwriting style for the sections that are your contributions/stories, probably.

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