I would be enjoying this intensive language learning if it wasn't for the constant drumbeat of other things in my head that I have to be doing, plus my body falling apart on me as I do them. I'm writing this with both arms and one elbow braced because my arm tendons are just a mess. And of course I'm still terrified I'm not working enough.

@JubalBarca It will be okay. Its nearing the end of the semester, this is normal. You are going to get through this. (my wife is in a PHD program as well, from what I can tell the last 4 weeks of any semester is crazy-pants)

@gedvondur It's not really nearing the end for me - I don't run on a terribly semester-driven schedule at the moment, and I'm basically not getting a break until August. :/ I just need to desperately hope that this tendonitis starts easing off if I chuck enough stuff at it.

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