I'm in London! And the people whose workshop I'm doing booked me a hotel which is nice (literally this is the first time I've ever checked into a proper hotel). I now need to go pretend to be a better academic than I feel like I am...

Also apparently this hotel offers you a free meal on your first night there which I have to miss out on to go to a not-free work dinner, so as a grad student I hereby exercise my right to gripe about the lack of free food.

@JubalBarca ask/explain and maybe they will let you have the free meal on your second might. Worth a try!

@lauraritchie I'm booked up tomorrow night as well, unfortunately! Academic meetings seem to involve a lot of going for meals (which in fairness is where 80% of the work happens - the meetings are useful but the big gain is often meeting potential collaborators for future projects and being able to chat about and get ideas for day to day work which mostly happens in breaks/evenings). And I checked and I can't defer it to Friday. But oh well - thanks for the suggestion anyhow. :)

@lauraritchie Nah, it's engineers and geologists and suchlike who have the really right sort - they can get other people to pay for all the food!

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