To shove some public academia out there: the meeting I'm at for the next two days is on , aka how to store and analyse miscellaneous data about past people! Prosopography is usually a term used for ancient & medieval up to early modern work, where there's relatively few really well documented people. These meetings will be about looking at connecting up different databases and how we put them together :)

(Questions welcome!)

I've found the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England database very useful, but the interface is really annoying to work with.

( )

@clifstan Mm, those factoid model sites are good but not super user friendly. What are the things you'd most like to do that you find clunky in PASE (from interest as someone who's designing a similarish database for a different area/period)?


Haha! [One of] my favorite physical books I own:

Prospography of the Later Roman Empire v. I.

At the time I bought it I was running a late Roman RP campaign starting with Battle of Hadrianopolis (Adrianople) in 378. The book was super useful along with the Notitia Dignitatum.

@hhardy01 Am talking to some of the people who work with/on it at the moment! Digitisation project is currently underway for it I think :)

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