Since I get the awesome chance to introduce myself, my name is not actually "Mari Kurisato," but that is the name I the internet. (for my family's safety) my websites are and

I'm a Nakawē (Saulteaux) Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Native.

I'm from the Saganace family on the Cote First Nation reserve, and I'm makwa doodem which is a very bad way to say I'm Bear Clan. I trace my familes back to the YellowQuill Reserve via the Taysup family,

I'm also a disabled, LGBTQIPA woman, a sci-fi writer, and mom

Besides cerebral palsy and spinal stenosis I have several mental disabilities like dyscalculia, as well as having a few mental illnesses like PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, & "disorders otherwise not specified ( read I'm a Native)

@Mari_Kurisato Welcome, have a follow :) Always lovely to see more writers!

(, and seem to be good hashtags to use for writing stuff, and hashtags seem to be proportionally more important here on masto as searches rely on them more).

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