One small highlight of Tbilisi so far was this bird, which is a laughing dove - they're very common across the Middle East and into India, but Georgia is right at the northwest end of their range so this is the first time I've ever seen one. Besides the fact that laughing dove is a great name, they're quite dainty and have lovely rose colouration on the head. This one was pigeon-ing around the cobbled streets near the old cathedral :)

Latest page of my , a comedy fantasy adventure based on and folklore/culture. is out! :)

Mountain Leopards #21 - Hystrix Indications:

Do let me know what you think!

I went to Belgium and the Netherlands and wrote a thing about it. Featuring a Rodent Of Unusual Size, a disused coal mine, a digital sundial, and the Oliphant of Charlemagne... I hope you enjoy reading!

Impulse purchase of today. I have named it მცენარე and it is blobsome and cute.

Some recent travel writing from me, entitled "Lindworms and Sparrows" - it's a short piece about a recent trip I made to Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia:

Saw this absolute sweetie recently - not the best picture on a technical level, but one of the most personable small mammal pictures I've taken to date:

Another bird from - I'm fairly sure this is a common buzzard, though my ability at raptor ID isn't great. Not sure how well you get the scale from this, but it's probably got a metre and a bit wingspan, it's a seriously decent size bird and pretty majestic :)

That's basically your lot for now. Bonus robin just because robins are cute :)

This (the nest one) might be one of my best shots though - a fieldfare, quite closely related to a blackbird but far less common. We get these wintering in the UK, but they breed here in Frankfurt. They're very pretty and have quite distinctive grey hoods and neat chest feather patterning. I managed to follow it back to its nest and get a reasonably sharp shot of it there :)

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