Impulse purchase of today. I have named it მცენარე and it is blobsome and cute.

Some recent travel writing from me, entitled "Lindworms and Sparrows" - it's a short piece about a recent trip I made to Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia:

Saw this absolute sweetie recently - not the best picture on a technical level, but one of the most personable small mammal pictures I've taken to date:

Another bird from - I'm fairly sure this is a common buzzard, though my ability at raptor ID isn't great. Not sure how well you get the scale from this, but it's probably got a metre and a bit wingspan, it's a seriously decent size bird and pretty majestic :)

That's basically your lot for now. Bonus robin just because robins are cute :)

This (the nest one) might be one of my best shots though - a fieldfare, quite closely related to a blackbird but far less common. We get these wintering in the UK, but they breed here in Frankfurt. They're very pretty and have quite distinctive grey hoods and neat chest feather patterning. I managed to follow it back to its nest and get a reasonably sharp shot of it there :)

Now for a much less good picture, I hope I'll get a better one of this tiny friend at some point but they move pretty fast - this is a treecreeper (there are two species it might be, common or short-toed, but it's near impossible to tell which is which from a distance). They're really lovely birds to watch, they scoot close around tree-trunks, moving upward in a spiral pattern and poking that lil' curved beak into the bark:

I also got a really nice picture of a red squirrel - they're really common here, but rare in my native UK where the introduced (originally American) grey squirrel is now the most common. Reds are smaller and have beautiful ear tufts and I was quite privileged to get this view:

Firstly, there's a very cute family of Egyptian geese living by a pond in a nearby park. Egyptian geese are native to Africa and are actually probably ducks taxonomically: they've been in Europe mostly via escapes from fowl collections since the 18th century:

I love the fact that some short beaked echidnas have spine colouration that looks like they got highlights:

A big new adventure in Jubal-land begins! Leaving Vienna for most of the next three months. Am a bit terrified about having to deal with a new place and new people, but hopefully it'll be nice and involve learning exciting new things...

Dear Masto,

I know everything is tricky. Hang in there. Also this pika knows everything is difficult and has a flower for you. Which isn't much, but is a lot, at the same time.

Take care of yourselves and each other. We all need that lately, I think.

This is the biggest mood

No wait not that

This is the biggest moo

I did an academia :) Organised my first academic event this week, a hackathon on prosopography - couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of people, and coming from as far as Taiwan, California, etc too which is cool.

We got good work done too - especially excited about some ideas for providing authoritative links between online prosopographies, and machine learning stuff to hunt for places and people in Arabic & Greek texts.

Here's me talking in the wrap up session:

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