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Since is over, here's a repost of the song I wrote for its protagonist family a few years ago...

(Nb, I've not actually seen the TV show much, I'm a books-only fan and just jumping on the brief bandwagon of chatter about it!)

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@clifstan Mm, those factoid model sites are good but not super user friendly. What are the things you'd most like to do that you find clunky in PASE (from interest as someone who's designing a similarish database for a different area/period)?

@hhardy01 Am talking to some of the people who work with/on it at the moment! Digitisation project is currently underway for it I think :)

See you on Monday!

This weekend I'll be reading: Under A Yellow Sun, Freedom or Death, and Tales from Earthsea

🗓️ Today is #InternetDay in most Hispanic countries and I would like to toast for the existence of #mastodon 🍷 ¡Salud!


Prosopography workshop about to start! I won't toot from the first session as I'm co-chairing it! Eep!

@lauraritchie Nah, it's engineers and geologists and suchlike who have the really right sort - they can get other people to pay for all the food!

To shove some public academia out there: the meeting I'm at for the next two days is on , aka how to store and analyse miscellaneous data about past people! Prosopography is usually a term used for ancient & medieval up to early modern work, where there's relatively few really well documented people. These meetings will be about looking at connecting up different databases and how we put them together :)

(Questions welcome!)

@lauraritchie I'm booked up tomorrow night as well, unfortunately! Academic meetings seem to involve a lot of going for meals (which in fairness is where 80% of the work happens - the meetings are useful but the big gain is often meeting potential collaborators for future projects and being able to chat about and get ideas for day to day work which mostly happens in breaks/evenings). And I checked and I can't defer it to Friday. But oh well - thanks for the suggestion anyhow. :)

@GreenandBlack Yes - it's good that they have them, of course! But I think there's a split between countries where laws followed public attitudes and countries where laws have pushed ahead of them, and rights in the latter may be more fragile I guess.

@GreenandBlack Surprised that my dearly beloved Georgia even does well enough to come mid-range, sadly, though I guess if this just covers the legal side it makes sense - I think a lot of those rights are often hard to exercise for LGBT+ Georgians unfortunately, public attitudes towards the area there are *terrible* (but legislation has kept an OK-ish pace since Georgia's desperation to be EU-friendly/fear of Russia outweighs their massive religious-conservative homophobia problem politically).

I'm in London! And the people whose workshop I'm doing booked me a hotel which is nice (literally this is the first time I've ever checked into a proper hotel). I now need to go pretend to be a better academic than I feel like I am...

Also apparently this hotel offers you a free meal on your first night there which I have to miss out on to go to a not-free work dinner, so as a grad student I hereby exercise my right to gripe about the lack of free food.

@anarchiv @breakthesystem it's if you feel like dropping by :)

@Isocelesisopod @anne @GwenfarsGarden (As the name implies, the natural range of Egyptian Geese is in Africa :) )

@Isocelesisopod @anne @GwenfarsGarden So Greylag geese, which I think is the species Anne posted, are properly wild; they're native and have never been domesticated. Egyptian Geese on the other hand are escapes, technically - they're not feral in the true sense in that they were never domesticated, but all the ones in Europe are there as escapes from wildfowl collections/zoos (quite a long time ago now - they've probably been breeding in Europe for a good two centuries).

@anarchiv @breakthesystem Yeah, ours is gaming and game design/development end stuff though we have a couple of slowly ticking over webcomics, an articles section, and other projects; we did some chain writing last year which was nice. Do drop by if you ever feel like it! :)

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