@damians Hi! I don't have a reading list compiled yet, sorry - I will do by late August. I'm much more a historian who writes computer games by background than a game studies scholar, but the pitch will be at a fairly basic level on all sides, so I won't be assuming a significant basic knowledge of either programming or history for the course. It's the first time I've run this course so much of it is waiting to be written when I get back from the Caucasus in a few days!

One small highlight of Tbilisi so far was this bird, which is a laughing dove - they're very common across the Middle East and into India, but Georgia is right at the northwest end of their range so this is the first time I've ever seen one. Besides the fact that laughing dove is a great name, they're quite dainty and have lovely rose colouration on the head. This one was pigeon-ing around the cobbled streets near the old cathedral :)

@bookandswordblog Mm, it's often when I'm the one commenting that the difficulty arises, because there's lots of interesting philosophical or political-theory posts that I'd like to be able to discuss, but it varies whether people take thoughts in the spirit they're intended or decide that the fact I'm explicitly and actively a liberal makes me an evil stooge of somethingorother yada blah etc. And it's hard to tell if people really want thoughts on posts to begin with of course.

@bookandswordblog I don't think of it as being sick per se, it's been coming and going for months now, but it does restrict what I can do. Hopefully later in summer things will slow down and I can get it more healed.

I think about 60% of the toots I start writing never get posted. Mostly the ones commenting on anything political-theoretical disappear quickly because I just don't have energy to be snarked at, much less told that I eat babies and am evil, and I 100% can't tell who will react like that around here :/

At a really good summer school in Tbilisi on Georgian manuscripts. My wrist problem is flared up so I can't reasonably live toot any of it without risk of pain, especially as there's course activities I need my wrist for like calligraphy workshops, for which sorry :/ But I might post some highlights in a few days/ next week if people are interested?

Updates from the Forge 34 is now out! We've got nine articles this time introducing and showcasing different creative geek projects.

This time we have everything from fantasy webcomics to travel writing and from battling cyberpunk overlords to the struggle for survival among leafcutter ants - if you like indie games and writing, or other creative geeky stuff, please have a read & let us know what you think :)


@Pyretta My big main recommendation would be Ahmed Artan Hanghe's "Folktales from Somalia" - it's a thematic collection so he's tried to get a few exemplars in lots of different areas. As such, you get a nice broad overview of the fable-type tales as well as the big myths of Araweelo and Deghdeer (not sure if I'm spelling the latter right, doing this from memory). It's also bilingual (Somali first, then English) and includes a pronunciation/alphabet guide which I found very helpful!

@Pyretta I can give book recommendations on Somali stuff, though unfortunately most things on that topic that are free & online are minimalist and/or involve a non-Somali's filter on it. Somalia's the only sub-saharan African area whose myths I can say I know well, I've got scatterings of other areas but only from occasional academic references and wikipedia binges which aren't ideal resources!

#FantasyMap #worldbuilding

Started a new fantasy map for no particular reason. I used Fractal Terrains to generate a random world and then used the resultant image as the basis of my coastlines.

No idea what will happen with this world or what stories I wil tell there, but I'm sure I will come up with something

Ottoman imperialism 

*waves* Hi everyone!

I went to Alder Grove's Fiction to talk about my #Kickstarter experience of small successes and the generosity of others.

The Internet Paid for my Book to be Published: lynthornealder.com/2019/06/25/

Do have a read if, like me, crowdfunding has seemed too large or risky for you.

And thanks so much to @aldersprig for hosting me!

Latest page of my , a comedy fantasy adventure based on and folklore/culture. is out! :)

Mountain Leopards #21 - Hystrix Indications:

Do let me know what you think!

მე αƒ§αƒ•αƒ”αƒšαƒαƒ–αƒ” αƒ“αƒαƒ¦αƒšαƒ˜αƒšαƒ˜ ვარ.

Moving country on Thursday, got a big conference next week after a two day turnaround from said move which I'm frantically talk writing for. Joint pain not good in arms, v tired and it's over a month til I can really rest. Getting lots done but I feel like I'm really physically paying for it at the moment. Much curling up.

Latest page of my , a comedy fantasy adventure based on and folklore/culture. is out! :)

Mountain Leopards #21 - Hystrix Indications:

Do let me know what you think!

hey does anybody have resources for bein trans in the netherlands? how to get hrt and shit? asking for my gal pal who's looking into it but doesnt really know what to search for

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