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A mermouse for #mermay! Seal inspired, so I guess you could call this little guy... a miniped! #mastoart

tho i have to say one of my fav "people is people" moments of reaching out through history


these little clay dogs found in nineveh

buried as charms under a palace

each of them carved so lovingly, by a person that knows dogs, and looking like dogs that you can probably go find today looking the exact same

each of them inscribed with the quality of a good guard dog that people still prize today in good guard dogs

Loud is his bark!
Biter of his foe!

I feel like once a character is incorporated into a symbol, people wanting to use that elsewhere will import the whole thing rather than trying to adapt for their local script, for the most part?

Some recent travel writing from me, entitled "Lindworms and Sparrows" - it's a short piece about a recent trip I made to Klagenfurt, the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia:

Hey, @jaz, I thought that you might be interested to know about this adorable indie game inspired by #Welsh folklore! The game is hand-painted and traditionally animated. It looks amazing!

I was so enchanted by the video on the #Kickstarter.

Hey everybody! The first issue of #TalesFromTheFediverse is now out! Thanks for the support over the past few months!
And as always: boosts are appreciated!

((Roomba protocols are simple: if it's on the floor, it MUST be dirt or hair. If Roomba encounters a thing it doesn't understand, it will attempt to consume it - if Roomba cannot consume the thing, Roomba will destroy it. American foreign policy, but for your carpets))

game art informative rant 

game art informative rant 

Ukpol +++ 

Ukpol +++ 

What if we put a lampshade on top of A Cyberdemon's body! 


What she says: I'm fine
What she really means: I would do anything for a copy of The Hobbit illustrated by Tove Jansson

Two new !

Firstly, rbuxton's "The Betrayal of the Card", which focuses on the use of cards, decks, and counters in and poses some interesting questions about the differences between them:

Our other new article is a new piece from @JubalBarca, entitled "Ritual and re-use: writing places that feel alive" . It looks at how you can deepen your village and town settings from the standard "Here's a standard set of functions, and here's the buildings that do them" to create a more integrated & connected environment.

Read it here:

Death, grief: 

Vampire sociolinguistics 

I need a quick cultural check, but am unemployed and so broke I can't afford groceries, much less a diversity consultant. Can someone who knows something about Zulu culture please help me out so I can get a $1.99 PDF onto DTRPG and maybe pay a bill? All I need is to know if Zakhele Manqoba Khumalo is a plausible name for an 1880s era Zulu man, and the title Udokotela to indicate he's a doctor or biologist. #ttrpg #zulu #rpg #amwriting

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