and : A by Phillip L. Thomas (1977)

"Red and white as a combination of colors are frequent in Latin , but their symbolic import has been little discussed). Here I shall point out a number of instances in which these two colors both jointly and individually indicate present or imminent death."

Why #MMORPG is not a #game at all.

In 1952, Roger #Caillois defined the game activity with six core characteristics (see Man, #Play and Games book). Will consider these characteristics in relation to MMORPG.

* Free translation from Russian of the part of Belozerov Sergey’s scientific work VIRTUAL WORLDS OF MMORPG: PART I. DEFINITION, DESCRIPTION, CLASSIFICATION
* Thanks coolcono for the corrections.

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What is , , , , , , ?

As soon as entrepreneurs start or plan to start a new , they begin to hear these terms like VAT, TAN, PAN, GST, DIN, and DSC more frequently.
Here is a list of few terms that are commonly used in the business world:

I'm extremely negative about any . But I see how other instances ban all from because some users posts loly porn pics there.

I believe, if more around the will use banned instances then it will encourage instance admins and developers to change their mind about censorship on .

Crap! There's no #BSurfaces for #Blender 2.8, and seems will not:( But #Sverchock is:)

I shared a few #presets with sort and preview:
and without (new VD #node is experimental and doesn't update viewport correctly)

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