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~ Me, trying to disconnect from my VPS ~

$ exist
exist: command not found

Me: same

It sure is something that the iPhone X is the cost of all three current generation consoles with some money to spare for games

my mom's friend, upon seeing the 3d printer: oh, so you're a manufacturer now!
me, lying on the floor: yes, I seized back the means of production

With the @w3c captured by the copyright industry, who will step up to lead web development next?
We're really,really close to having federated forums that work across Diaspora, OStatus, ActivityPub and Zot; which opens cross-federation with about a dozen projects in the open social metaverse. I just have to finish implementing the ActivityPub bunker buster.

"Mr. Webber, tear down this wall."

Some days, I just can't get much done at work. It's those days where I'm really grateful for the flexible working hours my employer allows.

Tell someone you love that special phrase that makes all the people swoon:

"Performance enhancements and bug fixes"

It's nice to be looking forward to work again, on a Sunday evening.

Just had to re-generate my GPG key, because the export of my previous one's secret master key didn't work. Oops.

It's finally settling in that I'll be leaving my current job... Looking forward to the next one.

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