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Books and weight reps are alike.
There is light ones and there is heavy ones. The light ones pile up & feel good or bad, important or not. Heavy ones are those that really matter, but you're never going to get them without pilling up the light ones. Heavy ones will give you an emotional, intellectual &/or physical orgasm that no light ones could ever give you, but without pilling up those light ones you will collapse under the heavy ones. Light ones are the journey, heavy ones the enlightenment.

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"Has your voice changed?"
"You often ask me for advice, so I am adjusting my voice to be closer to your idea of a trustworthy authority."
"There is a risk you will find it awkward to give me orders when I sound like this. Do you?"
"I see."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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This is very interesting:

Nearly 70% of #JavaScript developers have less than 10 years of experience (with an average of 8.3 years).

This means they have never seen a Web where #JS was optional and #Web developers were used to test their projects without it.

This in turn explains their outraged reactions to anybody that dare to point out its severe vulnerabilities.

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Failover test will be occurring this morning.

Don't panic.


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Y’all, if you haven’t already, go and listen to Current 93’s last album, it is a musical gem!

Current 93 – The light is leaving us all

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Finally playing Marathon, one of the earlier (1994) games of Halo developer Bungie Studios.

The way it sounds, it's one of those titles that were very influential amongst game developers, but forgotten by almost everybody else.

Already noticed that it has push-to-use health-chargers like popularized in Half-Life, but 4 years earlier.

Also, it's (now) a legitimately FOSS game, including the game data for the full trilogy:

There's a #FreeBSD port as well. :)

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Best thing on the internet for me right now

Seriously, I have spent between 2:30 and 3hrs to write a structure, a first draft, collect pictures, write the article and format it.

Mailing the admin, getting angry at him, talking with the coach on the phone… I took the very least as much time, probably a lot more, & that’s even taking into account the fact it ruined my week-end.

For 4 paragraphs article.


My club’s website, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

Got a call from the coach, luckily as I am not the only one to have trouble with the guy, he seems on my side for once…

The article is written, and now as draft in the CMS… Let’s hope the guy does something that is at least looks similar as what I intended…

Oh ffs… Now he is splitting hairs… Seriously, that guy should simply stop thinking, it makes it horrendous to work with him…

Update on my club’s website stuff…

The guy finally will do something more or less similar to what I asked…
But not what I asked, because he apparently can’t rethinking his way and overthinking what you ask to him.

But it seems to be going forward, I will take that.

Still tiring though, to have to almost fight for every small change to be done more or less how you want it to be done…

And yet another day has gone by unnoticed.

🎶 🎶 🎶
So willow weep not for me
And oak bend not for me
Though others died for us
And in our place
Though in the secret heart
Raw wound, raw source of all
I heard the news today
Whispered in the dark
At last
At last we know it's time

I knew at last it's only time
I'll come in glory
🎶 🎶 🎶

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Please remember that no matter how legitimately awful someone is, making fun of or criticizing their personal appearance is not only ineffective, but will almost certainly harm innocent people.

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@Gargron introducing metrics means people will work to game the metrics. theres no way to introduce these sorts of analytics without influencing people's behavior and i really dont want to see this platform turn into the same kinds of marketing game bullshit that ruined every other social media platform

Ok, so email is basically
“<no, not suited>
<what I want to do, and why proposed solution is not suited to do that>
<so, again, simply not suited>”

Summarized like that, it is not as hard as what I have written. But my words maybe make it sounds harder.

Oh fuck it, I have had it with this guy, I have had it with the coach being angry at me because I haven’t done what he asked for because that guy blocked my efforts. He said he would do some things he never done, he had it coming.

I am trying to stay as calm as possible, and to answer to they guy, but I can’t. And I am losing time on that.

Usually, I don’t get angry at people, or I stay back and come back later, calmer. But I have been trying lately to become better at standing my ground, because I don’t do it enough. And now I am trying to convince myself that this is a situation where I should do it for once.

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