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Books and weight reps are alike.
There is light ones and there is heavy ones. The light ones pile up & feel good or bad, important or not. Heavy ones are those that really matter, but you're never going to get them without pilling up the light ones. Heavy ones will give you an emotional, intellectual &/or physical orgasm that no light ones could ever give you, but without pilling up those light ones you will collapse under the heavy ones. Light ones are the journey, heavy ones the enlightenment.

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If you're doing (or thinking) of doing Net Neutrality advocacy in the U.S., the activism team at EFF did this one-page toolkit guide on talking to your representatives (or candidates)!

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Personal crises can be educational.

They will teach about yourself, evince strengths and weaknesses of character. If you have an ideal, then they may point towards it ever more urgently.

They will teach you who your true friends are.

They will teach you that it is important not to suffer stupidly, and more importantly, not to make others suffer so.

They will teach you about the brevity of life, the fragility of health, the illusion of gain, and the importance of counting your blessings.

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tfw I want to download something I made in 2008 and past-me has failed myself by not keeping it available beyond 2010. u_u;

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@zephasaurus_hex I am sorry, I am really trying to find books for your “July book thing”… But I am failing at it big times. 😅

Trying to participate with what I can though… 🙃

17 - A book you loved but then realized it is actually terrible

I have stopped rereading for a while now, I have too many new books to read to spend time rereading… There could be some, but nothing somes to my mind.

16 - A book you felt kind of bad for liking

Not one that I can remember. Tbh, I wont feel bad about enjoying a book, although I guess at rereading some now I would say to myself “I hadn’t noticed that it was carrying that shitty ideology” in some cases, or stuff like that, but it won’t make me feel bad for liking those when I first read it. Hard to pinpoint a book in particular then. I have mentioned Anderson earlier, Heinlein as well, great scifi… Not sure about their political ideas though…

15 - A book you avoided because of the cover art

I can’t remember it happening, if it happened it was because it was a unimpressive cover art then, because if it was beautiful, I would check it, but also if it was ugly.

Ok, tbh I can now guess some genre thanks to the cover, and chick lit-style covers don’t get my attention, that’s for sure.

14 - The last book you loaned to someone

Apart from the fact that this is my everyday job, let’s go personal. Very personal in fact. I loaned Daniel Pennac’s Comme un roman (a must-read for anyone who works as a literture teacher, librarian, or something like that) to that girl I liked. But as it happened, we had some disagreament, and basically stopped talking to each other. Never got that book back.

13 - The book you have re-read the most

I am not sure. I think it has to be one of Santiago by Mike Resnick and the Edmond Hamilton’s Starwolf trilogy (especially the first volume The weapon from beyong that I have had for decades), maybe Poul Anderson’s Agent of the Terran Empire would be in the mix?

12 - A book you were surprised you liked

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone.
It was a school reading, and probably the only one I liked.

Fell off the series around volume 5 or 6 though, I don’t remember which one exactly, I am only sure I haven’t read the 7th.

11 - A recommandation you’re probably not going to read

As a librarian, I receive a lot of recommandations from the users of library. Many of them, I don’t care about because I don’t care about recommandations anyway, and because it is way off my interests…

Like… No, I am not interested into chick lit romance, sorry madam.

10 - A book you wish your friend would read already

I don’t care much about my friends readings books I have liked tbh, I don’t want to be that guy annoy people by saying what they should read, I dislike those person.

If asked for suggestion: anything by Silvia Avallone, Radiance of Tomorrow by Ishmael Beah, Soundtrack by Hideo Furukawa, Double starts by Heinlein and so many others… There is so many great books outdoor, it always so hard to pinpoint one…

9 - A book you have been meaning to read for a long time but haven’t yet

I am not going to give an inventory of half the books that are in my room…

Yeah, too many of them, really too many.

8 - Worst book someone recommanded to you

I have to go with Hervé Bazin’s Vipère au poing.
A suggestion from my mother.
Couldn’t read more than a few pages.

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A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog.

Hace unos días alguien andaba preguntando por ahí como instalar una instancia para un sólo usuario, ésta sería una buena alternativa.

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rant on atheism culture Show more

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The person appeared from nowhere. "Excuse me," they said, "may I take a DNA sample of you?"
"I'm from the future. We try to determine when our species moved on from being 'human'."
"I've never heard of anything more 'human' than that."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories