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Books and weight reps are alike.
There is light ones and there is heavy ones. The light ones pile up & feel good or bad, important or not. Heavy ones are those that really matter, but you're never going to get them without pilling up the light ones. Heavy ones will give you an emotional, intellectual &/or physical orgasm that no light ones could ever give you, but without pilling up those light ones you will collapse under the heavy ones. Light ones are the journey, heavy ones the enlightenment.

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things i like about old electronics: you open up the case, and there's an envelope glued to the inside that contains the complete schematics and calibration instructions. a bunch of companies did that until the early 80s, too bad it never really caught on and just stopped at some point.

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I wish Vapes were vulnerable to interference so I could break every fucking one of those trash air factories in a 250ft radius rather than smell a combination of whatever fruit you like to have and your lung juice.

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You know you're doing too much Dutch when you your English start inverting.

Luckily, I had my hair cut the other day, otherwise this would have been such a mess!

Well, it's raining quite heavily, I don't have any hat or anything such, so… Yeah we all know how that ends.

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"Flight of the Bumblebee" has an urgency that makes me wonder if Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov had ever seen a bumblebee.

Bumblebees aren't urgent. Bumblebees are oops



no it's

I'm fi


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Is there some ebook management app out there that is *not* the madness of calibre?

I just need metadata management. Not the other million features of calibre, nor the "I'm smart enough to maintain my own port of python so I'm not upgrading to python 3" main developer

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I am a software user.

I believe developers should work in my best interests, not the best interests of a non-person corporation.

You should also understand that I believe that legislators work for me and others who are *people* like me.

I am unhappy that neither group consistently seems interested in my concerns, seeking and getting corporate support with strings attached. "Do not make the user/person your focus. Your focus should be us and our profits."


has been barely working the last few days on my phone, takes ages to load toots' text, you can forget about most avatars and any pictures or will have to wait for a long time, notifications are random, it is completely unusable really. Even battery drain seems to be higher…

Anyone else having similar troubles?

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In a dystopian country where the government secretly spies on the citizens, a man is depressed. The government agent who monitors his browsing history and phone calls decides to do all she can to cheer him up
#writingprompts #writing

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60 years of computer engineering developing reliable and fault tolerant file transfer protocols culminate with users uploading multi-gigabyte files through a webpage with no resume functionality.

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Should I introduce the "blocked_by" feature that allows to know if an account is blocking your account? #Poll

It would be only used in profiles.

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To Google Play users, I didn't remove the app from the Playstore but it won't receive new updates.
Only Fdroid and the paid version will receive them.

The new version was moved here :


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Earlier today, I gave a couple of peanuts to a crow, and after it ate them, it approached me- tentatively, but it got much closer than crows usually do. So I gave it another peanut, after talking to the crow a bit (which seemed to soothe it).

It tried to bury the peanut next to a sapling by shoving it into soft ground, but it didn’t go in far enough, so the crow pulled the peanut out, grabbed a stick, deepened the hole, then put the peanut back in and buried it.

I watched a crow use tools. :D

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I know a little bit about federation when it comes to projects in the fediverse - probably more than a lot of people reading these words. Federation is only 20% using common protocols and 80% sharing common "policies" and principles. Implementing common protocols is easy. It's just programming - anybody can theoretically do it. Sacrificing your principles is much harder - assuming you have any. Your choices are either to draw a line in the sand and stick with your principles, or give in to an unacceptable solution and stand accused of having the scruples of a crack whore.

I used to give in, because that choice makes it possible for two completely dissimilar projects to actually work together.

Emphasis on "used to".
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Three conclusions to draw from #Google denying #Huawei access to software: (1) The #FSFE urges users to use Free Software operating systems and applications on their computing devices. (2) Governments and especially the European Union should invest more resources in #FreeSoftware to gain independence from large enterprises and other states. (3) The FSFE urges companies to use as much Free Software as possible in their supply chains. #pmpc

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work is easy when you're doing things that have an obvious purpose and aren't encumbered by bullshit. Unfortunately that describes exactly .001% of the work that is available to us under capitalism.

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