Trying to follow the #fitness hashtag is making me wish there were some better customizing features for mastodon. I have no problem with sex work, but I'm not the target market and every other post is a sex work ad. It would be cool if we could filter that sort of thing because I'm wearing out the mute button.

Being able to filter all posts with more than N hashtags to hide all the hashtag spam could help, but would also hide intro posts, which I like. So 🤷 @Gargron

So, it looks like if I could block or hide a domain I could get rid of most/all of the hashtag spam I'm seeing.

There's a selection to "Show hidden domains", but I can't find anything in the UI that lets me actually hide a domain. I looked through the user guide, and there's nothing there either. I found a blog post saying it's possible, but with no instructions on how to do it. What am I missing?


@intherain You have to go on one the domain user’s profile, then in the hamburger menu, it is the last choice "Hide everything from xxx”.

(I had to ask about it too when I needed it, because it is indeed not easy to find.)

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