I realized I forgot to follow @zephasaurus_hex in that so far, so here I come.

1 - Your first favorite book

I guess it has to be Kim Aldany’s “Les manges-forêts”.
Yep, Sci-fi already, took me almost 20 years to really explore others part of literature.

2 - The first book you remember reading

Same again: Kim Aldany’s “Les manges-forêts”. You often keep fond memories of your first, I guess.

(Only going for the novel right now… Because there was comics, but there… No idea…)

3 - A book that you wish had never been made into a movie

Hard one, this is usually not something I give a lot of attention and I rarely seek to see movie adapted from books I read, or vice versa.

I would have to say Solaris, but only the Soderbergh’s version. The Tarkovski’s one is a masterpiece, but once you have read the book (also a masterpiece), the Soderbergh’s one does clearly appears as a huge mistake.

4 - A book you really wish was made into a movie

Hum… McDevitt’s Deepsix could a great survival Scifi I think.

But a well made adaptation of Furakawa’s Soundtracks could be a great watch. After seeing Tokyo Tribe, I would say that Sion Sono could be the man to put it into a movie, but it is a tricky one.

5 - A book that wasn’t as good as its movie

Yet again, not something I give a lot of attention…

Tbh… I am not sure the short story “Do androids dream of electric sheeps” is anywhere as great as Blade runner. I mean, the short story is only one of the many very intersting Dick’s short stories, while Blade Runner… Well, it’s Blade Runner.

6 - A book that made you LOL

If that means, laugh a lot… Then I would go for Luc Delisse’s Le testament belge, which I have tooted about there:

I laughed a lot reading it.


Ok, now I am up to date with that, we’ll see if I can keep up.

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