This is important:

The 10 inalienable Rights of the Reader:

1. The right to not read,
2. The right to skip pages,
3. The right to not finish a book,
4. The right to reread,
5. The right to read anything,
6. The right to "Bovary-ism," a textually-transmitted disease,
7. The right to read anywhere,
8. The right to glean,
9. The right to read out-loud, and,
10. The right to be silent.
— Daniel Pennac

@arcans Does the right not to answer questions about what you're reading fall under "the right to be silent" or is it a right in itself?

@irina It could go there, or under “The right to read anything”, implying without having to justify yourself about it, depending on how that question is meant.

@arcans if only webmaster applied these rules for their websites…

I mean noone has the right to read my diary but me.

@Khaosgrille Yeah, I don’t think Pennac had diaries in mind when he wrote that to be honest.

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