For everyone at this time of year, non-religious, religious, with people, or apart from people. I love this, especially on a dark, cold morning. A message from our favourite fedi-clown @RussSharek

#joy #kindness


Thank you!

I originally did this as part of a larger holiday show, and decided to film it later stand alone. I admit I prefer this more intimate version.


@RussSharek You’re welcome!

Tbh, I should thank you too. Mood at work was dire today, so when I saw it I sent the link to two colleagues and it got a nice smile from them in a better way than I could ever have done myself in a day that had not many of those. 🙂


@arcans @lauraritchie

One of the difficulties in putting clown work into video is never really knowing if you're having an impact on an audience. In person I can feel the conversation as it happens, where as this is more like me sending out a message in a bottle in the hope that it might help.

I'm glad to hear it brightened your day. It's a little dreary here too, and so you've also managed to brighten mine in return.

Thanks for that!


@RussSharek I thought indeed I should not only tell you that it is great, but that is also reaches a public and achieves its goal! I am glad it brightened your day too!

@arcans @lauraritchie

There's an ongoing discussion here about getting the video re-classified as public domain. I believe the recording we used was already cc0. If so, it could happen.

@arcans @lauraritchie

Unfortunately, the particular recording used was encumbered by an (admittedly very permissive) copyright.

At least it's still out there.

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