I am completely out of the loop in terms of for . Is still good?

@arcans I still use it and nothing has blown up or died as a result as far as I'm aware, but I'm not up to speed on whether it's a good option comparatively speaking.

@arcans No, it has no sandboxing. ONE bug and AVG can be used to attack your system.

If you must, run the one that comes with Windows.

@holsta Ok, thanks!!!
Besides the Windows one, any good suggestion?

@arcans @mwlucas from what I heard from my windows admin friends, the one that comes with windows (defender?) is good enough for nearly everyone.

@AFresh1 — Seriously? Wow, things have changed since I swtiched to Linux it seems!


@AFresh1 @arcans Windows Defender and Security Essentials are pretty durn good.

I use Malwarebytes, but that's for a different threat model.

@arcans I've been a satisfied user of #Eset's #NOD32 Anti-Virus for probably over a decade now.
It doesn't get in my way, like many of the free scanners such as AVG and Avira did (do?), or brings my PC to a crawl (like Norton started doing back when I still used it around 2004(?)).

I've considered #Microsoft's #WindowsDefender, as it's an often praised free solution, but #EAV's been doing a fine job, and I hate change, so I haven't tried switching yet.

@FiXato @arcans

A few years ago #avg started to install other software (and i didnt had an option).

i went for #eset , not the best (a lot false positives) but a really light one on resources.

but its a no worry system

@WandelStock can't say I've had many false positives myself fortunately, but indeed, it's better than having AVG or similar try to install adware because they need the additional income source.

@FiXato @arcans

lately i have bought a nice driver update programm. #eset went crazy, it saw a lot of harmful commands. It started to block those commands and in the end it fu my computer.

The eset helpdesk couldn't be of any help, at the end of the day the day was lost with reinstalling windows etc.

I dont mind because now i know and i got an exercise in reinstalling windows

@arcans advice from my windows Sysadmin mate is basically “use the built-in MS stuff, it’s good enough that you don’t really need anything else nowadays. Also, avoid McAfee at all costs.”

@arcans was it ever? I've adopted the view that closing the windows where the bugs get in is better than spraying poison around to kill them after the fact. Same with Windows and viruses/ malware.

@strypey Well, when I used Windows on my personal computer, it was one of the 2 or 3 good free ones, but that was 10 years ago.

Still, yeah, PEBKAC, and no antivirus is going to save someone from being ignorant and/or dumb and/or reckless.

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