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Fucksticks McShite is following ... wow, I introduced someone and it sounds like a curse. ... Love it. @InfantileCradle

Btw dude are you ? :)

Got some probs with logging-in to , the of Mastodon.

Apparently, I'm typing the wrong instance? Any help would be appreciated! :)

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@Ashoka What is the meaning of the green checkmark on your account?

@Vorinstanz Stimmt, diese geschlossenen Ökosysteme sind eher hinderlich. Ich überlege nur gerade die Nutzbarkeit der Technologie für einen Kunden - die wollten seit längerem ein internes Kommunikationstool einrichten. Dafür wäre eigentlich super geeignet ...

Open-Source-Software. Überall zu installieren und abzuwandeln. Die Instances könnte man erweitern auf Tochterfirmen etc. Oder interpretiere ich die Möglichkeiten von Mastodon falsch?

1997: Oh no, what was the phone number I had to use for dial-up internet

2007: Oh no, what was my password/username for this old account

2017: fuck, what instance did I sign up with again

Good news: mastodon.at is now compatible with Tusky on Android 7.0!

Android 7.0 has a bug that caused apps like Tusky to fail to connect to our instance because of the cryptographic key we were using. We have added support for a second key that does not cause issues with Android 7.0.

Android versions before or after 7.0 did not suffer from this problem and were already working. If you're having any issues, let me know!

@pfigel Hi Patrick! Can you give me a quick summary of what Mastodon is and how to participate in it? I'm thinking of including it in our next radio episode. :)

Wir können's auch gern in Deutsch machen. :)

So far, @Mastodon.social seems pretty similar to Twitter. But that's not essentially a bad thing. Let's see how this bad boy'll grow up.


mastodon.at is a microblogging site that federates with most instances on the Fediverse. Note: This instance will shut down on March 31st, 2020.