Liebe SPD, wählt einfach gar keine(n) Vorsitzende(n). Dann ist für euren Verrat niemand mehr verantwortlich.

I've been using Pinafore for Mastodon for a long while now, but I've gotta say, I'm really liking the new default Mastodon interface.

I can understand the appeal of the original, multi-column view---which is still available to use---but this looks a lot better to me.

no C library will ever have a better name than libass.

Caution! Bloody F**cking Bloody! 

If you're looking for people to follow on here, try :​

It's an opt-in directory of users who are looking for followers, organised by topic. (People are only listed if they actively ask to be listed.)

Just go to the list you want (e.g. ) and click on people to see their profiles. To follow them, click on "follow".

To be added or removed, message one of the admin accounts listed on Trunk's front page.

"Lightbulbed": Getting screwed in before you're turned on.

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita winds a single black thread around a grid of nails on a board to create intricate portraits #womensart

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