I watched a documentary about 3 women whose lives and in one case, health, by LuLaRoe. Immediately after I went to another video, I got an ad for Younique.

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I need a shirt that says "hi! I genuinely only want to see you happy and succeeding and feeling good vibes and I suck at expresing that so I got this shirt!"

that would maybe be a lot of text on one shirt tho

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So, Danah Boyd at datasociety.net notes that if you search for "social justice", you'll get hits for people who criticize social justice first, because they will be the ones specifically using that term as a title, rather than just embedded in the conversation. You hit a similar effect searching for "jew", because just using the term "jew" is actually more prevalent among anti-semite discussions than in other contexts. 2/?

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unless you have a 24/7 rotation of moderators your fedi server shouldn’t be running in open registration mode


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You know who lifted? Jesus. See those footsteps? Know how there’s only one set? That’s him pressing and lunging 165(me)

Yes, that is a blimp, it is in Salt Lake City, and it is, in fact, releasing high amounts of pyramid scheme essential oils into the air.

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On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's Moon landing today, a reminder that pretty much all of NASA's photo/video/audio archive is public domain:


🚀 🌔

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@Olivia most of the people i know dont even eat that many burgers tbh

i cant think of anyone that does actually!
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Good thoughts from Tumblr (not by me):

"If courage isn’t the absence of fear but doing the right thing regardless of it, maybe confidence isn’t the absence of insecurity but knowing you have real worth despite it"

"By this same token, maybe goodness isn’t the absence of bad thoughts or impulses, but the conscious choice to behave according to your moral ideals in spite of them."

Source: randomslasher.tumblr.com/post/

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Everyone knows that the traditional formula for whether or not it's creepy to bang someone younger than you is "Half your age plus seven".

Through simple algebra, we can determine that if you cloned yourself this year, it would be creepy to bang the clone until the clone's age is your current age plus fourteen.

Plan accordingly.

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astronaut.io so far:

midi renditions of hallelujah with polish text displayed in the background

followed immediately by someone inspecting their welding job

it's surreal as fuck and i'm here for it

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Collections will eventually federate, allowing Pixelfed users to follow remote Collections as if it was a Profile.

You will be able to add any local or remote public post in the future too!

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@noelle See this is what I like, listening to the workers and not trying to split off and make up some demands that can be used to police people on ‘how pious are you’ later

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-- if you DO shop at Amazon during the 15th and 16th, consider not choosing that option.

Also, whoops, that citation in D) should go to the Lifehacker article, not the Verge article.

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I can't remember who pointed this out, but refusing to do business with #Amazon during the workers' strike actually kind of undercuts the workers' position. They timed the strike for the busiest days of the summer on purpose; they *want* Amazon to see that fulfillment is more difficult without them there. (And if you're just delaying your purchases until Weds., instead of buying from another vendor, you're making the workers' lives *harder* when the strike ends and they have to ship your stuff!)

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Okay, updates.

A) None of the striking workers appear to have called on consumers to boycott Amazon during the strike.* So proceed in the way you believe best supports the striking workers.

B) sunglasses

C) The strike, currently, involves workers nationwide in Germany** and in Shakopee, MN, USA***. Other US Amazon workers do not appear to be striking.

D) The US strike is focused on free one-day shipping*, so--

* theverge.com/2019/7/14/2069218
** reuters.com/article/us-amazon-
*** lifehacker.com/how-to-support-

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It's something we have to practice all through life.

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