I donated my hair on last Monday. This is haircut that I have had for the past 5-6 years.

Ugh, the change of tax rate brings me a lot of paper work. I don't get understand :'(

Is something wrong on my machine? or is this expected ? It happens in python 2.7.16 and 3.7.4 both... hmm. I'll try rebuild them.

>>> 0 * 1.1
>>> 1 * 1.1
>>> 2 * 1.1
>>> 3 * 1.1
>>> 4 * 1.1
>>> 5 * 1.1
>>> 6 * 1.1

Hmm. I cannot find any clue for this yet, it seems that since one of patches for Vim 8.1.xxxx my conceal settings for rust is not working well... :'(

I enjoy this book "Programming TypeScript" from O'reilly.

Also the illustration on the book cover and cover design itself are both so nice! Is that cover new?

I've just moved statuspanel and a label within there to right bottom and set its background color as dark one on Firefox. Because it was bothering always when I type something on the area for commands provided by vim-like plugin for the browser. Now, that look pretty and I'm feeling very comfortable.

Ok! Endlich habe ich ein bisschen Router auf React verstanden. Ich verwende Inferno-Router, es funkzioniert gut 👍

Hmm. Ich muss mein CSS framework `Styr` offentsichtlich nun ein bisschen renovieren 🤔

Es fehlt ihm noch an viele Styles. (Sind die ein bisschen noch zu blass?) Und habe Ich auch einige Bugs gefunden. Noch dazu, Ich möchte auch CSS Grid einmal versuchen.


Wie kann ich "Brot" (oder Brötchen) auf Schwiizerdüütsch sagen? Ist Brot einfach Brot?

Ich habe Heute so lange Zeit geschlafen, Trotzdem ich bin noch zu müde, um weiterzuarbeiten. Ich habe keine ahnung, was ich jeden Tag mache... Ich muss meine Leben ein bisschen renovieren. "Ein schlafendes Schilfrohr sein" 😪

"In most situations text or character varying should be used instead." / PostgreSQL: Documentation: 11: 8.3. Character Types - postgresql.org/docs/current/da

That's great! "rustup component add clippy rustfmt rls rust-analysis rust-src" works without any problem on rust nightly :-D

I've just released a tool written in Rust displaying overlap text (It's opposite to diff). It's my first crate ;-)
overlap 0.0.1 crates.io/crates/overlap

I'll finish reading "The Rust Programming Language" (2018) soon. That book and "Mastering Rust" were very enjoyable to me. Then try reading "Hands-On Functional Programming in Rust" as next.

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