* "git log" family learned "--pretty=reference" that gives the name of a commit in the format that is often used to refer to it in log messages.


I've just noted how to migrate portage (portage-utils and layman etc. too) before getting updated one itself, since the distfiles layout on mirros has been updated. I couldn't fetch update one. Now my portage is `sys-apps/portage-2.3.79`:

I've just finally backed src-type to rsync for 's portage.

While seeing the categories under 's portage, I'm thinking winning combinations of non-existing package name with it:


I was thinking at this morning to create a tiny lib to change process title using setproctitle and prctl as a wrapper in Rust, and it would be good also for Halloween. But I've just found this, and ohh, it has been already implemented very well. Nice!

I tend to take DHH's side in this debate, in particular with examples like Edge moving to Chromium. When the market concentrates, it doesn't matter much whether something is open-source or not – what matters is that the standards and protocols start to become less important, whereas the implementation and who wields power start to become more important.

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I've just migrated the protocol for GENTOO_MIRROR from rsync to https and upgraded also portage to 2.3.78. It works.

I donated my hair on last Monday. This is haircut that I have had for the past 5-6 years.

Ugh, the change of tax rate brings me a lot of paper work. I don't get understand :'(

Is something wrong on my machine? or is this expected ? It happens in python 2.7.16 and 3.7.4 both... hmm. I'll try rebuild them.

>>> 0 * 1.1
>>> 1 * 1.1
>>> 2 * 1.1
>>> 3 * 1.1
>>> 4 * 1.1
>>> 5 * 1.1
>>> 6 * 1.1

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