"In most situations text or character varying should be used instead." / PostgreSQL: Documentation: 11: 8.3. Character Types - postgresql.org/docs/current/da

That's great! "rustup component add clippy rustfmt rls rust-analysis rust-src" works without any problem on rust nightly :-D

I've just released a tool written in Rust displaying overlap text (It's opposite to diff). It's my first crate ;-)
overlap 0.0.1 crates.io/crates/overlap

I'll finish reading "The Rust Programming Language" (2018) soon. That book and "Mastering Rust" were very enjoyable to me. Then try reading "Hands-On Functional Programming in Rust" as next.

Just upgraded Mattermost for our firm 3.6.0 to 5.6.1 using docker-compose without any trouble!

I've migrated (back) my Desktop Linux from Funtoo to Gentoo. Most of my machines run now Gentoo. Only some vms on the Gentoo machine and home server are still Funtoo. I would like to migrate the server to OpenBSD, as next ;-D

Assembly 7 TIL: PCB is great. If I split the case, there is no enough space for microcontroller 🤦 Shoud I make something small box for it?

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