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Mobile App Scanner: Security-related app scanner for Android apps

(You have to carefully interpret results!)

"A Formal Security Analysis of the Signal Messaging Protocol", Extended Version November 2017 (University of Oxford, MacMaster University)

Well-known cryptographer Matthew Green on Efail:


"The fact of the matter is that OpenPGP is not really a cryptography project. That is, it’s not held together by cryptography. It’s held together by backwards-compatibility and (increasingly) a kind of an obsession with the idea of PGP as an end in and of itself, rather than as a means to actually make end-users more secure."

Do want to secure your home network? You can use the Czech open-source router Turris Omnia!

We talk about network basics, install our Turris Omnia and improve the basic configuration:

Do you love the terminal? There are several quite handy tools for security and privacy:

(We add more commands from time to time!)

"Open-source software is more secure than proprietary software" and two other myths which are nothing but blanket statements debunked:

The GDPR is nearly here: 🇪🇺 ⚖️

This means 100% identical data protection laws in the EU and you can sue your friends for using WhatsApp?! No!

We debunk three myths and provide additional information:

Do you develop websites? Have a look at dozens of OWASP cheat sheets which help you to create more secure websites: