Critical security vulnerabilities found in Mastodon. Admins should patch ASAP to 2.4.4.


Currently, shows at least 1476 unpatched servers. (3872 servers don't disclose their version.)

@yuvadm @infosechandbook @yair השרת יושב כיום אצל הוגו, שמציע ניהול שרתי מסטוש בתור שירות. הוא תמיד בין הראשונים לעדכן :)

@infosechandbook @NoGodsNoSenpais
I like how the implicit definition of 'patch' here is 'install most recent version' rather than, you know, a patch (which is not provided at this link).

@jeffcliff The provided link directly points to version 2.4.4 which is the patched version of Mastodon.

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