InfoSec Handbook introduces experimental P2P support via Dat protocol:


(The URL may change during testing.)

About the Dat Project:

Benefits of our experimental Dat mirror:

– you don't need to connect to a centralized hosting provider
– you can seed all files of our blog by yourself and support P2P hosting
– you can download a full local copy of our blog
– you can read our content even if our blog is down (e.g. due to maintenance)

@aral these posts you’re boosting are interesting. How would you compare their use compared to something like IPFS?

@paulkruczynski I personally wouldn’t waste time with IPFS given that it’s venture capital funded whereas DAT isn’t.

@aral I didn’t realize that. Thanks! That changes everything.

@infosechandbook @aral thanks for the info. This sounds more interesting than it first seemed. Research will follow!

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