French /e/ foundation develops Google-free Android :android: ROM (in development):

– we are testing it on Moto G4 (Android 7.1.2, Patch Level Dec 2018)
– ROM comes with Signal, Magic Earth, K-9 Mail (fork), microG and more
– you can use F-Droid as an app store
– we will likely publish an article about it in the near future

@infosechandbook Mhm, funny coincident that I wrote a recent article about it.

Or was that a reason for you to try it? :D


No, I actually spotted it in my RSS feeds last Saturday. Sadly, LOS dropped support for the Moto G4, however, it is supported by /e/.

Btw: We already contacted the admin and asked if they can self-host their Google font on … no answer so far.

Anyway, it looks like an interesting project.


That's actually a big problem with LOS. Some people even buy their new phone based on the assumption that it is supported by LOS–and then: dropped support.

In the end, you own an unsupported Android phone with many missed security patches, again.

Any chances of supporting any of the Nokia phones in the future?

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