Fun fact: Some people are convinced that they can use the internet without using something from Google.

That's very likely wrong since many everyday technologies originate from Google (partially at least), including Certificate Transparency, Content Security Policy, Feature Policy, Expect-CT, HTTP/2, JSON, HSTS, MTA-STS, SMTP TLS Reporting, ALPN, FIDO U2F, HTTP/3, Subresource Integrity, and libraries used by many apps.

@infosechandbook there is a difference between using some protocol/software developed by google, and using their services.

As long as the source is out there, has been vetted by other people, is not calling home and you're not blindely accepting binaries from google itself (which may or may not correspond to the published sources) I don't see a privacy problem with the former, while the latter *will* give google your data, to be abused as they like.

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