Compromissed ASUS update servers delivered signed malware to hundreds of thousands of customers in 2018:

– it is a targeted attack since the malware is only active if your device has certain MAC addresses
– most victims are in Russia, Germany, and France
– technical details, and affected MAC addresses:

@infosechandbook I do not fully agree with the targeted part, unless they wanted to harm Asus themselves by damaging their reputation. For sure it's not a high precision operation.
:Irony in: - mitigation factor: luckily most people don't care updating their hardware drivers & firmware once they have unboxed their shiny new thing :irony off:

@infosechandbook is the list of targeted mac addresses published somewhere?


We only know of the tool provided by Kaspersky, and their web-based check at the moment.

@infosechandbook ok. i will scroll for the link, then. thank you!

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