First InfoSec Handbook poll in the Fediverse:

Do you self-host a service like Matrix, XMPP, Mastodon, NextCloud etc.?

– own server: your own physical server at home/work
– rented server: your own root server/VPS server/managed server paid by you
– would do: you currently don't self-host but you would do it
– wouldn't do: self-hosting is to expensive/you don't know how to do this etc.

Feel free to comment on this. 😉

@infosechandbook I rent a dedicated server which is hosted in a data center. My threat model is: I want to keep my data under my control, don’t want to be tracked by large centralising companies.

I wouldn’t recommend it for most, as you need to keep your server up to date, configure and test backups, and monitor it. Self-hosting is dangerous for Average Joe.

@infosechandbook I self-host on cheap SBCs. Mastodon itself is running across three of them (split: 1. postgres, 2. redis, masto web/streaming, 3. masto sidekiq)

@infosechandbook NextCloud, Baikal Server, Kanboard, Shaarli and Wallabag on rented shared hosting with a Letsencrypt certificate. My confidence in my abilities as a server admin are limited! I was glad to find a provider with both hosting and backup located here in Denmark.

Yes, I host both Nextcloud and Matrix on a rented server.

Yes, on my own server: at home, YunoHost (SMTP/IMAP & Nextcloud).

@infosechandbook own kit, and some rented stuff too. all physical h/w.

@infosechandbook There is also the option of using this kind of services provided by local non-profit, community based service hosters like the ones initiated by the #chatons project in France
Not self-hosted, but hosted by local people that you trust rather than anonymous companies driven by profit.

@infosechandbook I would probably selfhost some things on my own machine (like some Raspberry Pi) if my ISP weren't charging 5 PLN (~1,3 USD) monthly while my internet access costs 0,02 PLN (<0,01 USD)

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