3 reasons for a false sense of security:


– reason 1: Legacy configuration and outdated security tips
– reason 2: No threat model
– reason 3: No checks and no monitoring

Don’t just assume security; actually check it.

As technically informed non-programmer I need to rely on #guidelines, e.g. to quickly set up a new #firefox profile.
Also, in times where all aspects of life move into #digital sphere it should be a consumer right & legal #obligation to provide security by default & highest level of #privacy

I like your general #advice which helps to rethink procedures. but I feel the text would be easier to understand if it was more specific, less general & links to pages you comment on. #thanks in any case #reader #feedback


Henry: Always assume everything in your security system fails. How do you know you've been compromised, and how do you recover?

Other: But that can't happen, we have an X (usually X='firewall').

Henry: A high percent of threats are insider threats or come from bases set up behind your outer defenses.

Other: Nooooooooo!


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