An overview of the current state of GnuPG for e-mail encryption and signing:

TL;DR: Use ECC-based keys (Ed25519, Curve25519) as they are the future-default of GPG, smaller and faster than RSA, and Curve25519 is widely used by many different projects. If you use modern E2EE instant messengers for personal communication, there is likely no need to switch to GPG.

Nice article!

Did you check out Autocrypt? The Thunderbird extension doesn’t require GnuPG but still produces OpenPGP-compatible messages. It looks vastly simpler than Enigmail and uses Ed25519 keys by default.



We didn't check it, however, parts of it are used in Enigmail.

Since it is "EARLY ACCESS, MAY CONTAIN BUGS!" and there is likely no security audit, we likely won't test it until this changes.

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