Welchen Scope hat dein Versprechen „Vollständiger Verzicht auf JavaScript …“?

Denn auf kuketz-blog.de wird mehrfach JS eingebunden – teils inline, teils extern.

Die CSP verbietet Browsern zwar das Ausführen (falls sie CSP überhaupt können), schön ist es trotzdem nicht.

French /e/ foundation develops Google-free Android :android: ROM (in development):


– we are testing it on Moto G4 (Android 7.1.2, Patch Level Dec 2018)
– ROM comes with Signal, Magic Earth, K-9 Mail (fork), microG and more
– you can use F-Droid as an app store
– we will likely publish an article about it in the near future

Firefox 63 :firefox: now directly shows the DNS-over-HTTPS configuration in the browser's preferences:

– go to "about:preferences#general"
– scroll down to "Network Settings" → click "Settings"
– scroll down to "Enable DNS over HTTPS"

This feature can be used if your own DNS resolver doesn't support DNS-over-HTTPS.

The fourth day of our internal blog improvement workshop in Plzeň 🇨🇿 ended. One day to go.

We had some nice discussions and many good ideas so far. Thanks for hosting, .

Next level concerning GDPR:

Austrian meat market tells its customers to loudly exclaim that they don't want their name and meat preference memorized by butchers when they enter the shop.

Story (in German): oe3.orf.at/stories/2915718/

Running Intel 486 system with 20 GB WD HDD from 2002 in the Technical Museum in Brno. 🖥


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