Finished day 1 of the international Honeynet Project Annual Workshop 2019 in Innsbruck 🇦🇹.

Met many great people of the InfoSec community and shared lots of valuable security knowledge.

About one week ago, we switched to a new server. It supports TLS 1.3, and we added several new security features that we will include in our Web server security series:

(Besides, the new server requires less energy!)

If your web server software already supports TLS 1.3, turn it on to provide modern transport encryption. Furthermore, provide only TLS 1.2 cipher suites with support for PFS and AEAD.

NewPipe–Did you know? NewPipe comes with experimental support for SoundCloud and MediaCCC.

– MediaCCC is supported in NewPipe 0.16.0 and higher
– besides, NewPipe is a YouTube frontend for Android
– NewPipe is available via F-Droid:


Welchen Scope hat dein Versprechen „Vollständiger Verzicht auf JavaScript …“?

Denn auf wird mehrfach JS eingebunden – teils inline, teils extern.

Die CSP verbietet Browsern zwar das Ausführen (falls sie CSP überhaupt können), schön ist es trotzdem nicht.

French /e/ foundation develops Google-free Android :android: ROM (in development):

– we are testing it on Moto G4 (Android 7.1.2, Patch Level Dec 2018)
– ROM comes with Signal, Magic Earth, K-9 Mail (fork), microG and more
– you can use F-Droid as an app store
– we will likely publish an article about it in the near future

Firefox 63 :firefox: now directly shows the DNS-over-HTTPS configuration in the browser's preferences:

– go to "about:preferences#general"
– scroll down to "Network Settings" → click "Settings"
– scroll down to "Enable DNS over HTTPS"

This feature can be used if your own DNS resolver doesn't support DNS-over-HTTPS.

The fourth day of our internal blog improvement workshop in Plzeň 🇨🇿 ended. One day to go.

We had some nice discussions and many good ideas so far. Thanks for hosting, .

Next level concerning GDPR:

Austrian meat market tells its customers to loudly exclaim that they don't want their name and meat preference memorized by butchers when they enter the shop.

Story (in German):

Running Intel 486 system with 20 GB WD HDD from 2002 in the Technical Museum in Brno. 🖥

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