I wish Mastodon didn't look so cramped on my vertical monitor :'( I really want just one column with all toots, and then a separate page for notifications, similar to Twitter or GitHub. Filed and we'll see where that might take us...

@jonhoo may I ask you why you select `` among other hosts?

@alishir I did a bit of digging with; I wanted a host that had A+ TLS and from the observatory, that was kept up-to-date with upstream Mastodon, and that was opinionated about moderation (e.g., no Nazism) without being too restrictive (e.g., no nsfw). seems to be well managed, has a good ToS which moderates highly toxic content while generally being liberal about what content is permitted. It's also large enough that it's unlikely to go away :) /cc @pfigel

@jonhoo @alishir well, our bus factor is still 1, but I guess as long as I stay away from busses, we shouldn't be going away anytime soon. :blobgrin:

(Regarding the single-column thing, you might enjoy Pinafore's UI! We have an instance running at, or you can use the one hosted by the creator at

@pfigel Oooh, Pinafore looks like exactly what I wanted — thanks! Bus factor of 1 is unfortunate, but I'll take my chances with it for now ;)

@pfigel @jonhoo thanks I just unpinned and pinned :)

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