Time for another live-stream! This time I thought I'd tackle futures/tokio directly. I'll explain what futures are, how they work, and how tokio executes them. Maybe even async/await + pin! Noon EST this Saturday on youtube.com/c/JonGjengset/live and twitch.tv/jonfrg. For those of you in other timezones, this is the time: everytimezone.com/#2018-11-17,. This will be more of a talking stream than a programming stream, though we'll likely also read some code and write some just for exposition.


This stream should also be accessible to less experienced Rustaceans! I'll cover the Future trait, combinators, how futures are executed, the Tokio runtime model (incl. the tokio thread pool), and how tokio provides asynchronous I/O. If we have time, I'll also try to dig into the adoption of futures into std + Pin/Unpin for async/await.

I might also write a simple stream idea voting site this week. I'll use rocket.rs , diesel, and github.com/LivingInSyn/rcir to do ranked choice voting so that people can vote for multiple ideas! Could do it live if there's interest?

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