Recording of the big futures stream is now up! We got through futures 0.1, executors, async I/O and tokio, futures 0.3, async/await, and Pin, and I think it should be approachable even for those with little async experience!

As planned, I wrote up a website for voting on upcoming stream ideas using ranked-choice voting yesterday! You can now vote for what you'd be more interested in seeing on The stream recording is at, and you can see the source @

I might also write a simple stream idea voting site this week. I'll use , diesel, and to do ranked choice voting so that people can vote for multiple ideas! Could do it live if there's interest?

This stream should also be accessible to less experienced Rustaceans! I'll cover the Future trait, combinators, how futures are executed, the Tokio runtime model (incl. the tokio thread pool), and how tokio provides asynchronous I/O. If we have time, I'll also try to dig into the adoption of futures into std + Pin/Unpin for async/await.

Time for another live-stream! This time I thought I'd tackle futures/tokio directly. I'll explain what futures are, how they work, and how tokio executes them. Maybe even async/await + pin! Noon EST this Saturday on and For those of you in other timezones, this is the time:,. This will be more of a talking stream than a programming stream, though we'll likely also read some code and write some just for exposition.

@jonhoo @alishir well, our bus factor is still 1, but I guess as long as I stay away from busses, we shouldn't be going away anytime soon. :blobgrin:

(Regarding the single-column thing, you might enjoy Pinafore's UI! We have an instance running at, or you can use the one hosted by the creator at

@QuietMisdreavus I wonder why they keep it off by default. Seems like they could save people a lot of pain!

Maybe it's off by default... That's what I get for being too slow I guess. Maybe next time!

Aww, that's too bad. I think they save it by default for like a week, and you can choose to export in to YouTube from their admin panel somewhere.

Oooh, cool, I'm sad I missed that! Were you thinking of uploading a recording of it somewhere?

I'll be in NYC this weekend! Ping me if you want to chat about , computer science, live-streams, or open-source stuff! Or pretty much anything else for that matter :p

@pfigel Oooh, Pinafore looks like exactly what I wanted — thanks! Bus factor of 1 is unfortunate, but I'll take my chances with it for now ;)

@alishir I did a bit of digging with; I wanted a host that had A+ TLS and from the observatory, that was kept up-to-date with upstream Mastodon, and that was opinionated about moderation (e.g., no Nazism) without being too restrictive (e.g., no nsfw). seems to be well managed, has a good ToS which moderates highly toxic content while generally being liberal about what content is permitted. It's also large enough that it's unlikely to go away :) /cc @pfigel

I wish Mastodon didn't look so cramped on my vertical monitor :'( I really want just one column with all toots, and then a separate page for notifications, similar to Twitter or GitHub. Filed and we'll see where that might take us...

Mastodon is open to all users and federates with most instances.

🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 ist offen für alle User und ist mit vielen anderen Instanzen verbunden.