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Please follow the new account and help federation of my instance. Thank you!

finally setup DB backup and daily snapshot backup of virtual machine.

created admin account and my personal account. looks pretty good.

Question: what happens if i set "transfer to a new instance" on my account?

instance bootet without errors.... 😜

done snapshot of final system. all should be done and on next boot my instance should come up. lets see....

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thought while building mastodon 2.3.3 port and depend on FreeBSD. For really growing user base and instances there should be some static compiled binary for non techies. Actual installation is for techies only and other will run aways and never get their instance running. Just my 2 cents. Loving Mastodon

rubygem-selenium-webdriver in ports tree fails. added it from packages, cleaned. another try to make mastodon 2.3.3 port

Ok, pkg doesnt work for it.

portsnap fetch

to get ports and 2.3.3

Startet with setting up my own Mastodon instance.
- FreeBSD 11.1 setup
- Local Firewall and security settings done
- Postgresql Server setup
- Master firewall Changed
- Letsencrypt Script setup
Now lets do Mastodon setup,

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Decentralize your world.

There is of course #mastodon as federated social media.

There is good old #email as federated postbox (as long as not everyone uses GMail).

There is #peertube as a federated video platform.

There is #Riot / as federated group messaging.

There is #XMPP for federated 1on1 messaging.

And there is #nextcloud as federated cloud storage.

In theory most services are already federated. We only miss more users :)

#federation #selfhosted #privacy

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I’m a software developer in #Portland, OR. I went to school for computer engineering and now write C++ for the broadcast industry. In the nearish future however I hope to start a #WorkerCoop.

I’m an avid #opensource user and am looking for more ways to contribute. Currently I’m working on a free budgeting app written in #ReactJS.

Other things I like include:
#cycling, #minimalism, #photography, #barefootshoes, #onebagtravel, #archlinux, #vim, #beer, #music

#introduction #SocialCoop

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CTS is looking for contacts in Bulgaria to start a new project. Feel free to contact via Riot.

CTS is looking for contacts in Bulgaria to start a new project. Feel free to contact via Riot.

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It's time.
#introductions #introduction

I <3 :
* Programming Rust, Python, Java, C, & BASH
* Linux
* D&D w/ friends
* Teaching myself/ others new things
* Learning new things

I do:
* Cybersecurity studies at UWF
* Presentations on Cybersecurity to teach/ help others.
* vim for life

I am:
* A scrub looking for knowledge.
* A self-taught Linux enthusiast
* A privacy and freedom enthusiast

I'm here to be a witness and contributor for the exchange of knowledge between peoples and communities 🖖

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I am now fully committed to replacing Twitter with Mastodon for my micro-blogging needs. Just finished wiping my tweets via but will keep my account as I follow a bunch of interesting newsworthy accounts for breaking news and analysis. I just won't be actively participating anymore.

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I'm no fan of Facebook, but the #infosec trend of blaming consumers for giving away information, or saying we should all live in a hole doesn't help. Mozilla's trying to mitigate FB's worst habits, so people can keep using it. It's an idea worth exploring, and one I'm happy to see.

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People don't really understand why it is very important to have a different, secure, password for every website/profile etc. Please use a password manager and make your passwords unique. #passwords #security #usepasswordmanager

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Adding Backdoors at the Chip Level
26.3.2018 10:26

Interesting research into undetectably adding backdoors into computer chips during manufacture: Stealthy dopant-level hardware Trojans: extended version also available here:

Abstract: In...

#SchneierBlog #CyberSecurity #InfoSec

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