I'll make yet another try to maintain my online identity on this blog.

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Actually I have a professional deformation. If I see that a software is broken I tried to spend half of hour to understand if I can quickly fix it...

I hope my patch that fixes processing of the following command:

cat <<END
$(echo "")

will be merged to the dash sources.

During distribution development I often faced common tasks:
1. Change the C compiler for all packages.
2. Change optimization flags for all packages.
3. Add security flags like the "-pie" flag for all executables.
4. Investigate which binaries lacks requested compilation flags.

I tried to summarize my experience with this tasks in my new article mndet.net/2019/05/11/build-sys

This time I wrote without external editing, but I hope native English speakers can understand my Runglish.

Ok, finally I got an Atheros AR9485 QCNFA125 M.2 NGFF WIFI card for my Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IKBR notebook. Now network on my notebook works with a Libre Linux kernel and I can switch to a GuixSD as the main host system. Yay!

First time in the last 7 years I buy more-or-less a modern notebook. The plan:
1. Install the Debian as a host system and the GuixSD in a virtual machine as a main system
2. Wait until new wi-fi card that works with de-blobbed linux will arrive.
3. Switch to the GuixSD as a host system.

Adopted my homepage for mobile devices with a little additional code: mndet.net/

I moved a menu block to the top, hided last posts, and reduced paddings to the screen borders for cases when a screen width less then 960px. Changes in paddings sizes looks ugly if we resize desktop browser window, but small paddings looks better on my phone.

I wrote the small article that show how to create custom compile-time warnings for C code with mndet.net/2019/01/07/c-custom-

As result of this work I made my first contribution to GCC 🙂

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Oh hey! #Sentry, my employer, has an Open Source grant that you can apply for: https://blog.sentry.io/2019/01/29/apply-sentry-open-source-grant

"Contributing to open source full-time is an opportunity not available to everyone. We’d like to change that with the Sentry Open Source Grant, which offers funding to an individual dedicated to working on an open source project for three months."

Planning is hard, writing is hard, relationships is hard, everything that I try to make is hard. But, sadly, all this things is not impossible and I cat not just give up. And, even worse, I make it quite succesfully and I have no excuse to ease the pressure.

Finally I prepared the small article on a mechanism mndet.net/2018/12/28/yocto-mir

This article should close the gap in the documentation

On this week I finally understood why I hate a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories should create a new exciting reality that does not contradict the facts. "Conspirology" should be a sub-genre of "secret history" literature genre and a "totalitarian world government" conspiracy theories is the worst representative of the genre.

New year, new job, new city. A little scary.

I finally extracted all my old meaningful posts for different blogs to mndet.net

Most interesting thing is optimization issue: mndet.net/2017/06/05/gcc-optim

Unfortunately there was no posts from last year, but I know two things that I should describe as separate articles and both things already finished up with patches merged to and tools.

Finally got some results according to package for reproducibility. It's looks like rust 1.25 and rust 1.27 releases steps on some llvm 6 non-deterministic behavior (there are several bugs in this field in llvm bugtracker), while rust 1.26, 1.28, 1.29 works well with it.


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this rings so true omg "Contrary to common belief, the volume of face-to-face interaction decreased significantly (approx. 70%) in [two field studies transitions to open office plans], with an associated increase in electronic interaction. In short, rather than prompting increasingly vibrant face-to-face collaboration, open architecture appeared to trigger a natural human response to socially withdraw from officemates and interact instead over email and IM." rstb.royalsocietypublishing.or

Looks like creating package for big project it's easy way to find some spots that must be fixed.

While I worked on package for guix I already committed two fixes to rust compiler and opened two issues for separate packages used by rust compiler.

While I worked on package for github.com/mnd/guix-mnd-pkgs/b I made 4 fixes for code.

That feeling when only code that you write in is patches to rust compiler itself.

Fixed build for with glibc 2.27 and created package for rust 1.26.2 release. Waiting for approve debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.

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