Spent 10 minutes to prove that is a best way to make natural language processing in ... Spent two hours to fix support for unicode strings communication with SWI Prolog library.

> : Mastodon.at will shut down permanently on February 29th, 2020.

So, I decided that I want to have a blog of this type. I need to choose a new server that supports ActivityPub

I answered on emails with a 3 month delay. The Dash shell merged my patch with a 8 month delay. So... I'm fast enough.

Russian news: President fired the government and announced that would not follow own international agreements.

When you think this way copyleft licensing is actually a manifesto: I don't like to impose the power, so other people that want to work with me should behave more or less in the same ideology. Thus, copyleft should not be understood as an attempt to impose authors power, but as legal implementation of the categorical imperative.

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I grew up on the books of the old dead anarchists. This is why I always interpret FLOSS as a way to reduce people's power over each other. I really do not want to impose my power on people, and in the last ten years I did not understand how any programmer can allow third-party developers to impose a way to use software.

@cwebber It sounds like "Say to a FLOSS licensing blogpost: Not Today"

And small question on how to communicate with community:

Almost year ago I send my suggestions to autoconf/libtool/dash maillists. I tried to remind about them in September, but there are still no results:

What the better way to merge them finally? Send reminders each two weeks?

Unfortunately, writing a post on each topic takes an hour or more and I often have no time to do it.

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Actually I have several topics that I want to discuss publicly:

1. I want to write small text about CPU utilization measurement tools
2. I prepared the changes to support l2tp/ipsec VPNs in GNU GUIX but it's mandatory to discuss changes to strongswan package before upstreaming github.com/mnd/guix-mnd-pkgs/b
3. I would like to discuss the cultural situation from the perspective of a person who has grown up in a family of Soviet "intelligentsia"

Mastodon.at will be shut down permanently on February 29th, 2020. I still have some time to decide if I want to keep my own server, switch to some other server or just stop trying to maintain own blog.

Why I love free software: Over the years, the easiest way to remember old bugs is to google for my own last name.

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"Hi, you wrote me this email 2 years ago, sorry I'm just replying now..."

I'll make yet another try to maintain my online identity on this blog.

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Actually I have a professional deformation. If I see that a software is broken I tried to spend half of hour to understand if I can quickly fix it...

I hope my patch that fixes processing of the following command:

cat <<END
$(echo "")

will be merged to the dash sources.

During distribution development I often faced common tasks:
1. Change the C compiler for all packages.
2. Change optimization flags for all packages.
3. Add security flags like the "-pie" flag for all executables.
4. Investigate which binaries lacks requested compilation flags.

I tried to summarize my experience with this tasks in my new article mndet.net/2019/05/11/build-sys

This time I wrote without external editing, but I hope native English speakers can understand my Runglish.

Ok, finally I got an Atheros AR9485 QCNFA125 M.2 NGFF WIFI card for my Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IKBR notebook. Now network on my notebook works with a Libre Linux kernel and I can switch to a GuixSD as the main host system. Yay!

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First time in the last 7 years I buy more-or-less a modern notebook. The plan:
1. Install the Debian as a host system and the GuixSD in a virtual machine as a main system
2. Wait until new wi-fi card that works with de-blobbed linux will arrive.
3. Switch to the GuixSD as a host system.

Adopted my homepage for mobile devices with a little additional code: mndet.net/

I moved a menu block to the top, hided last posts, and reduced paddings to the screen borders for cases when a screen width less then 960px. Changes in paddings sizes looks ugly if we resize desktop browser window, but small paddings looks better on my phone.

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