I'm feeling really inspired today! I hope you are, too!

It can be hard these days to stay inspired. Not only is the news all bad, but gamedev itself is really time consuming - it is hard to make the game-equivalent of a "sketch". What do you do to stay creative?

Microgames are worth making, playing, and paying for, too!

Demos are now available for two of our interns' games!
🐶 Panic! at the Dog Show by Rose Morris, and
🐟 The Little Mermaid by Rebekah Gall.

Please take a look & leave a comment at moosader.itch.io/ ! Thanks! ❤️

If you're feeling burnt out, take a day to assemble a scrapbook of games that have impacted you in your life! Maybe categorize like "first games", "ambiance", etc. Try to find postmortems of those games, too!

Here's a clip of Rose's visual novel about a dog show in Kansas with talking dogs! (Work in progress/temporary assets!)


Here's some screenshots (with work-in-progress art) of the dog show visual novel that Rose the intern is working on! Complete with talking dogs! 🐶

This week we've released app updates! Our new app is Nia & we've updated Helper. These include dictionaries & reference materials! Available on itch.io & Google Play:

There's now a Moosader account on Mastodon!
Toots will automatically be re-posted as Tweets to the Moosader Twitter account.


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