Hey :)

the data protection /privacy / anti-surveillance-community works on pads about ethic alternatives to Google and Facebook services.

As a community we want to find and describe more alternatives. Therefore we need your help. So feel free to participate or at least to retoot.



Bei der Liste der Google Alternativen steht dropbox? Kchkchkch

@frank Bei Storage steht Service XY "like Dropbox" oder an welcher Stelle hast du Dropbox gefunden? :) Per se ist es eine Alternative zu Google Diensten, von der man aber sicher abraten sollte.

Like Dropbox? Ich hatte gelesen als direkt alternative. Ich schau nochmal jnd gen dir dann Rückmeldung ;)

Maybe it is because oft the pad form, but actually the pad is wrong about signal.
Furthermore I think it is hard to try to get some geek solutions for all the users, this just won't work. Some of the alternatives are sadly to complex or not user friendly enough (at this point)

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