I think I am going to pick one day a week were I go the the library and just work on something for a couple hours. Always wanted to be one of those people that look like they were working on a book or some great app.


Life lesson. It's always the heating element assembly when fixing your dryer. Always replace the whole assembly.

I haven't anticipated the clocks going back as much as this year. Always feel tired.

Public transportation maybe ecofriendly, but waiting an hour to get to a destination 3 miles away is not Tony-friendly.


Hope the Android One program gives more "clean" versions of sub $500 phones. Although a used OnePlus phone gives similar, if not better, performance most of the announced devices. Still interested though.


The Bleach Live action movie comes to Netflix next week. That is an unexpected surprise.


Life is lazy. It can never make one bad thing happen at a time. It has to pile them on three to five at a time like some bootleg game of Uno.

if you are a Jeff Goldblum fan everything there is to love about him is in this one video. #hotones Show more

Riding the county public bus for the first time with the boys. This should be interesting 🙄.

Sometimes you see something and you just wonder why this wasn't always a thing. May also be related to why my body doesn't like me anymore.

M&M Caramel are American for ambrosia by the way.

I'm find out more everyday how when you get to the age of 40 how your body doesn't like you anymore.

Did a Doctor Who episode just address slavery? Interesting.

How can Trump's popularity numbers be dropping and yet people say he would have beat Clinton by a wider margin in the election yet. Hillary literally does nothing for six months and people still find something wrong with her lol.

I don't believe in selling stuff. Money is to to hard to part with nowadays. But I do believe a few dollars for a good cause is worth it. We need truth in journalism in today's world. And while I don't always agree with the tactics and viewpoints of the complete TYT staff I do believe they perform a service for the common good. if you have a few dollars to spare for truth in journalism consider donating.


Love TYT (The Young Turks). They can be heavy-handed but they tell it like it is.


Amazing how you can live somewhere and not realize how big it really is.

Again I'm so jealous of creative types. People that just make something g out of nothing. even when they feel depressed they are creative.


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