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@smeg GitHub recently added the option to watch repos for new releases!

@brennen it's still root at least, but I really don't get why they'd mess with that

Why is /etc group writable on a clean Scaleway Ubuntu server based on their image is all I want to know right now.

@foozmeat honestly it should just be on by default, it's like a 1-2% performance impact. That's basically nothing once you factor in the typical performance improvements you get with new releases

@jonhoo @alishir well, our bus factor is still 1, but I guess as long as I stay away from busses, we shouldn't be going away anytime soon. :blobgrin:

(Regarding the single-column thing, you might enjoy Pinafore's UI! We have an instance running at, or you can use the one hosted by the creator at

You know what would be great? If fog-openstack doesn't change what kind of configuration it expects for, like, one release.

On the bright side, I guess we now have 20G of free disk space for future database growth.

@stufromoz TIL servers don't like Halloween. Woke up to an outage at work today, an hour after that was resolved things started going downhill here. :thisisfine:

I suppose this is the point where it's finally paid off to have a Content-Security-Policy in place. Mastodon should really ship one by default 😐

Hi Fediverse! We've finally arrived here, too. ;) ^k

elasticsearch in single-node deployments is always good for a surprise is all I'm saying

@riking @tinker yeah, that doesn't fit into the browser vuln threat model

@tinker I could be missing something because of Google Translate, but isn't this "just" a server RCE?

@angristan @aeris did you ever request that domain while it was serving a trusted cert? HSTS pins are only saved when they're delivered via valid HTTPS (to avoid foot guns)

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