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I gotta get my hair cleaned up before I go to India it's so scraggly

I called out a buddy on using the word r*tarded a few years ago, and she stopped saying it around me, but unfortunately in the past few months - possibly due to who she's dating? - she's begun using it again... quite frequently.

- Instead of NB or enby: Nonbinary
- No saying sp*z

Not sure what else I used to say when I was younger that I've stopped doing.

Words I've subbed in my vocabulary:
- Instead of l*me, cr*zy, etc.
-- That's ludicrous, silly, ridiculous, absurd
-- That drives me up the wall
-- I'm... not so smart
-- I... was not paying attention
- Trying to not say "you guys"
-- Y'all, peeps

Ugh hi when I take a nap in such a way that lets me remember dreams turns out they're all stressful and bad maybe this is why I get up at 8 am on the weekend.

Just realized the old childhood movies I uploaded YouTube have also gotten the no-comment-because-kids treatment.
Feels so weird man.

I just cut Luna's nails which is a necessity because she will jump on your back and ride around. If they aren't cut, she inadvertantly fucks up your back omgg

Kabe used to scratch me really bad when she was younger, even after having her for a year. I'd be sleeping and she'd like attack me. But now she doesn't, even when I'm cutting her nails.

It will take a while to get new kitty to the point of being able to cut them by myself. 😅

Picking up this young cat who was probably a stray for most of her life, I realize now how nice my other cats are to me lol.

New kitty likes cuddles but when she gets angry it's immediate claws.

The other cats might get angry but almost never scratch/bite us.

Lock down the computers the kids can only play MOOSADER GAMES. 🎮🎮

If I'm crocheting I'm definitely going to be watching something. And I use Pinterest to look at reference crochets or art while I'm doing stuff. 🙄

Art is easier at a computer, reading is easier with a tablet (i.e., carry more books), I can make videos and music at a computer (even if I'm using my piano, I use it in conjunction with the computer for recording or whatever.)

But at the same time I'm on a screen almost all day ... Laptop for work and art and stuff, phone for social media, and even when I'm drawing in my notebook usually there's a TV on.

I just feel like there's so much discussion around kids (and heck, families) in front of screens it seems almost easier to just not have them around to begin with???

Do any parents just figure they just won't give their kids tablets/phones so they don't have to deal with the whole screen time limiting thing? Like at least a PC can be put in the family room for monitoring?

I'm Nonbinary hello Twitter sorry I lost myself in Esperantujo tofay AND missed the hashtag.

Me: I need to rest.

Brain: I'm going to make you feel restless.

Me, sitting on sofa: I don't know how to relax.

Brain: you have other commitments to take care of so you can't tomorrow or the day after. You have to keep working NOW.

Me: no... I did like two videos today, I'm okay. And you're distracting me from gamedev.

Brain: workworkwork. little videos are easy. Make videos.

My brain: you should make all the videos for Áya Dan for the year tonight.

Me: what? I have three videos queued and I want to put up 24. I have time each month to do more.

Brain: you'll get busy and never have time. Make them tonight.

Me: It's 8 pm I should be relaxing.

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