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December goals:
* Work on student loan minigame
* Work on "TP" board game
* Work on easy-reader language learning comic

Winter break goals:
* Work on RenPy lesson book
* H.I. freelance project
* Plan "reception" party
* Travel somewhere within driving distance w/ Rai

Winter break / 2018 goals:
* Work on PyGame arcade clone cookbook
* Make a short film
* Next Moosader project
* Learn scripting for GIMP to automate things I do often

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I know English, Esperanto, and Láadan, and I'm currently learning Hindi.

Have spent time studying Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic as well but they're on hold as I'm trying to focus on one language at a time. 😀

Easy to go into teaching, hard to leave teaching ( <p>As I apply for software and web development jobs, I realize that even three years of not keeping up with the industry has left me far behind.</p>

<p>I work teaching C , and while there are some C jobs locally (not many), most jobs appear to be web development with newer frameworks

It sucks being judged by people who have power over you. (i.e., people who have the power to hire you and therefore make it possible for you to live.)

I mean I guess I define easy as like... Just building stuff, reading documentation, figuring things out, but not like... Hmm... Not something that is life and death I guess.

If anyone knows any remote positions let me know. :P

I've only done one remote position, but it went South when I had jury duty like a month in and had NO SUPPORT at work.

I want something easy and routine. Something stable and limited hours every day. Not working on weekends.

I need a break from teaching though, it's so much work for not much stability or pay.

Also salaries in KC range from as low as $60,000 to as low as $100,000. And it's hard to get a place to pay me $100,000. Last time I was making $90,000, but I'm probably going to have to take a pay cut.

At the same time, companies don't want you if you don't have prior experience with the language and tools, ugh. I've taught myself so much and yet...

I'm somewhat out of the loop after teaching for 3 years. So much webdev has changed. And I have a hard time finding a reason to LEARN a specific technology without a REASON to... Every company uses their own stuff.

In the process of job hunting, and trying to not feel too disappointed but dang, things aren't as good as they could be.

MYTH: Rasputin was shot, stabbed, poisoned, and drowned before he was successfully murdered.

TRUTH: Rasputin was lagging and all those attacks wildly missed his hitbox and did no damage.

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