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I know English, Esperanto, and Láadan, and I'm currently learning Hindi.

Have spent time studying Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic as well but they're on hold as I'm trying to focus on one language at a time. 😀

DANG I didn't get paid today... payday is NEXT Friday. :|

My husband got paid today though so we can at least pay bills now.

Side effect of working in tech: Anxiety over how people perceive me. Didn't worry about this in the college environment.

damn, time and time again, capitalism proves it's just the best at delivering the most efficient results

Your existence as a nonbinary person is not a topic for debate.

It is a fact.

#exorsexism #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypride

Dear Rachel,
Even if you're not making things tonight, you're not feeling inspired, you're not feeling energetic, it doesn't mean that you'll never create in the future. Just not tonight.

Take care,

When I was a kid I felt like there were things that could cheer me up (mostly video games). Now I'm old and I feel lethargic and wish I had a video game to look forward to playing but nothing sounds good and even playing video games sounds like too much work.

I come home from work and do nothing useful and feel like garbage. 🗑️🗑️🗑️ Uggh.

Damnit, capitalism.

Me negotiating to hire somebody

Me: What's your rate?

Them: It's about two hours of work so maybe $50?

Me: ...Wouldn't $50 per hour be a better rate?

Them: ...really?

Me: Um yeah you should get paid good for your work.

my homework as an engineering major was bad but my homework as a gender studies major is great bc it lets me complain about queerphobes and that's all i live for

He says he loves "reading between the lines" in song lyricss but can't read between the lines in our conversation where I'm baaaarely saying aaaanything and he just keeps going on and on...

Turning 31 tomorrow! What should I treat myself to??

You know those conversations you're not that invested in and you're just like yeah, uh huh, and making benign comments about what the other person is rambling on about.

This is one of those conversations where I'm trying to be polite but like... Is this guy high??????

Me at work:
"Can we have a special regular lunch for 'underrepresented people in tech'?"

"Well, it kind of excludes some groups..."

I'm going to eat my hat.

Tweet from VexstacyArt

Me: "I want to do many things today
Brain: "You can pick one"
Me: "hm No no I'm fairly certain if I just manage my time responsibly l can do all three things"
Brain: "you know what. Now we're going to do none of them"
Me: "WAIT"

Free food at work today! It's because of March Madness but I'm going to pretend that it's in honor of my birthday tomorrow.

I should write a refactoring tool that monitors your expressions via webcam and flags parts of the code that need improvement based on how disgusted you look.

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TV history:
- a few channels
- too many channels
- streaming consolidated everything in one place
- too many separate streaming services

Chat history:
- IRC, AIM, MSN, Yahoo messengers
- Pidgin and Trillian consolidate everything in one
- Slack, Discord, Facebook Chat, ... Too many separate chat services.

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