Updated the Áya Dan message board to include more forums, and also did little improvements here and there to the website.


Oh yeah I haven't been posting much because it hasn't been working well with image uploads on my phone.

Guess I can't really start doing the art for this project until I re-read the entire book, looking for information about the characters and setting. Guess I'll do some sketches and take notes and then eventually draw out parts of scenes later on.

Chapter 1 of 15 re-read.

Like why is the book art a robot hand holding a tulip when the book doesn't have robot people (from what I remember)??

Hi I'm updating the Áya Dan webpage. Everything's getting a redo, and everything's being collected in one place. 😎

Been listening to this during car rides. Some of what this dude says is problematic, but in general I'm enjoying learning about how languages change over time and the history of languages.

Really fucking sick of white guys, Republicans OR Democrats, throwing everybody fucking else under the bus and saying our choices don't matter because of "identity politics". Fuck right off.

Chilling in the car before going in to volunteer for politics.

I didn't know SD was gay when I first started volunteering but after learning that I'm even more in! :P

Gay native women for Congress!!

Also why does Masto always rotate my photos wrong.

Ugh pig bacon is mostly fat. That's why I prefer turkey bacon

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