Been listening to this during car rides. Some of what this dude says is problematic, but in general I'm enjoying learning about how languages change over time and the history of languages.

Really fucking sick of white guys, Republicans OR Democrats, throwing everybody fucking else under the bus and saying our choices don't matter because of "identity politics". Fuck right off.

Chilling in the car before going in to volunteer for politics.

I didn't know SD was gay when I first started volunteering but after learning that I'm even more in! :P

Gay native women for Congress!!

Also why does Masto always rotate my photos wrong.

Ugh pig bacon is mostly fat. That's why I prefer turkey bacon

And if the game isn't giving me too few moves to clear the goal, it adds a high point requirement on top so even if you achieve the goal you're still boned unless you had some amazing luck-filled combos. 😒

And the level design does shit like this where a single piece is in a corner and you can clear everything else out but are frequently unlucky and unable to get neighbors for this piece to destroy it so you lose.

"We made the game artificially difficult but you can always pay to skip this level or get... Oh... Fifie extra turns?"

Sailor Moon Drops is so aggravating they literally design it so you don't have enough moves to complete stages unless you end up being real fucking lucky.

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