I gotta get off Twitter at work I'm going to get all riled up.

Sometimes I visit the manga section at the bookstore but I don't feel that magic I felt as a teen, seeing new comics to buy and read.

Same at the game store.

Why does being an adult = not feeling excited for old favorite entertainments?? (At least, for me.)

He says he loves "reading between the lines" in song lyricss but can't read between the lines in our conversation where I'm baaaarely saying aaaanything and he just keeps going on and on...

This is one of those conversations where I'm trying to be polite but like... Is this guy high??????

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Me: "I want to do many things today
Brain: "You can pick one"
Me: "hm No no I'm fairly certain if I just manage my time responsibly l can do all three things"
Brain: "you know what. Now we're going to do none of them"
Me: "WAIT"

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Embrace imposter syndrome.

Revel in the fact you have fooled everyone.

You are a Trickster Goddess.

You are the Imposter Child for Deception and Clever Ruses.

This sort of thing shouldn't be allowed. I had to empty my savings account ($70) and put it into my checking this month, and because my account was empty, they charged me $5. Stop punishing people for being broke.

At least payday is tomorrow. 😑

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The Evil Deadline
We think we dislike deadlines because:
* They are a source of stress, anxiety;
* They limit what we can do;
* They put us under pressure.

In truth, deadlines represent our fear of failure, and force us to reconcile the perfect 'dream version' of our project with the flaws 'real-world' version.


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